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10 Best International Marketplaces for Selling Your Products

Looking for the best international marketplaces to sell your products? No worries, here are the 10 best international marketplaces to sell your product:


Amazon is one of the best international marketplaces to sell your product. Third-party selection on Amazon accounts for over 40% of overall unit sales, making it a great option for individuals looking to sell locally and abroad. There are over 30 product categories in which you may sell.


It’s simple to sell worldwide on eBay, allowing consumers to bid on things or purchase them at a specified price. You can boost your exposure by buying an international listing upgrade or visiting any of eBay’s 26 foreign sites to publish items directly to those markets once you’ve set up your seller account.


Rakuten serves millions of clients and operates Japan’s largest e-commerce site. Its international reach allows online merchants to sell a wide selection of items in more than ten categories. Just keep in mind that there is a cost to save your seller account active.


Etsy is a fantastic option for creative online merchants with unique products to offer, such as artwork and crafts. Globally, the platform has 30 million users and approximately $3 billion in revenues. So if you are looking for the best international marketplaces to sell your unique products, Etsy can be the best option.


If you’re looking for an e-commerce solution to help you open your online store and sell things both nationally and internationally, Shopify can aid. After you make an account, you’ll have access to various useful and simple tools to help you personalize your business, manage your inventory, collect money, and manage your orders.

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Handmade goods, fine art, antiques, home & lifestyle, jewelry, and photography are all fantastic categories to sell on Zibbet. You may build your storefront with a seller account and join a community of over 50,000 vintage collectors, craftsmen, and artists that are presenting their products to millions of buyers around the world.


Fruugo is one of the popular international marketplaces where you can sell your products. Thousands of companies and hundreds of shops contribute to the millions of goods available. Using a single global checkout system, you may begin selling in 32 countries, 21 currencies, and 17 languages. You’ll also have access to translation tools after you’ve set up your account, making it even simpler to reach out to an international audience.


Bonanza has emerged as one of the most popular selling platforms in recent years. There are many categories to select from, ranging from books and sports items to fashion, home, beauty, and art, so you may easily sell in one or more of them. After signing up, you may also customize your web store to make it shine out from the competitors, and you can establish worldwide delivery choices.


Newegg is a tech-centric online store, but you may join Newegg Global to sell in several areas. The site now has over 30 million users and is constantly growing. You may sell your items in over 50 countries, and select which overseas markets are ideal for your company. They may also take care of customs and taxes on your behalf, as well as overseas shipping.

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Alibaba is also one of the best international marketplaces that attract many suppliers. It is the largest Asian internet marketplace to connect suppliers with companies of all kinds. Sellers may rapidly create an account and start selling to a worldwide audience. You may also sell things in over 40 different categories, such as fashion and electronics, to consumers in over 190 other countries. So, if you’re looking for the best international marketplaces, Alibaba is the best place to go.

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