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10 Steps to Increase Reviews for Your Dental Practice

Getting local reviews for dental practices is difficult. It’s not the type of review you can get from one person, but rather a cumulative assessment of how happy your patients are with your service. But there are steps to be taken to increase the likelihood that people will leave reviews for you and what better time than now? We’ve outlined ten foolproof steps to getting customers to write reviews about their experience at your office.


1) Make sure that each customer has an opportunity to give feedback on their experience before they leave. You should do it by asking them if they would like contact information to provide it back to you or take advantage of other opportunities such as Yelp, Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.


2) Keep an assessment form in the back, somewhere discreet that customers can fill out when they are alone. It will be helpful regardless of whether or not they choose to leave a review online. They could provide feedback for your records, which is beneficial compared to other patient assessments, so you know how well you’re doing.


3) Follow up on patients’ requests after they’ve left if you haven’t already done so for them to leave reviews. You may use a method you wish but make sure it’s clear enough that anyone who takes advantage of the opportunity will know how to do so.


4) Make the process as easy as possible for people. It shouldn’t be difficult for someone who has had their wisdom teeth removed to leave a review. If the Internet method they want to use is too tricky, hand them an assessment form and provide your contact information.


5) Make sure what you’re asking for is something you can deliver. You will be letting people know that they’ll receive special offers or discounts on future visits if they leave reviews. It may not necessarily happen but assure them that it could happen with enough positive feedback from customers.


6) Don’t make people feel bad about not leaving reviews. Sometimes they cannot find the time or motivation to do so, especially if they were in pain during their visit! Also, there are certain cases where patients who didn’t enjoy their experience would be more inclined to leave a bad review simply because they were unsatisfied.


7) Stay patient and persistent. You can’t expect people to leave local reviews for dental practices immediately after their visit, no matter how awesome you think your services are. They’ve got other things in mind at the moment, not to mention all the in-between time visits for them to forget about you entirely if you’re not following up accordingly!


8) Make sure what people are writing is honest. There are times when people will say they received a fantastic discount or special offer but didn’t get it. If this happens often enough, it’ll reflect poorly on your practice. Don’t make promises if you cannot keep them!


9) Think of the long-term benefits rather than short-term returns. You may not get ten reviews overnight, but if you create a system that encourages people to leave reviews by rewarding them in some way for doing so, then over time, you’ll notice the positive change in your practice.


10) Remember that you’re giving back to your community. Many people would like to take advantage of opportunities like these but don’t always have the means. Reward those who help you out and make an effort!



 The ten steps we’ve outlined should help get customers to write local reviews for dental practices about their experience with you and your team. We hope this post is informative for you—good luck getting more reviews from happy patients.




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