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10 tips to write Article correctly

1. Know your audience

Surely you have read it in many other articles. This is the starting point of any writing project that aims to communicate effectively. Knowing your audience in terms of interests, motivations, goals, and demographics will allow you to choose the best words, arguments, and themes to connect with your audience.

2. The ABC of attractive titles

The titles are the gateway to your article, ” The Zero Moment of Truth (ZMO) “, where they decide whether to continue reading or not.

Create for each article 5 or 7 alternative titles, or those that are necessary. Reduce them as much as you can (40 characters is correct) and appeal to the curiosity of the reader, announce a clear benefit, mention the unbeatable numbers or the quotes of personalities; With these resources you will create powerful titles that attract attention.

3. An irresistible first paragraph

To open the articles with force is to get to the point . You can start with a question, share a personal anecdote, give shocking statistics, or evoke images that are perceived by all the senses (a memorable lesson on how to write to stimulate the senses appears in the novel The Perfume , Patrick Suskind).

4. Bodies of text in a logical order

Introduction, development (climax, please) and conclusion are essential parts of a good article. It will be useful to see if you write in a logical order, previously create an outline with these three detailed segments.

5. Magic words

Each target audience has its magic words: those that hijack attention and create tunnel vision towards what you propose.

There are audiences that run away from free, fast, easy … And who prefer to go with quality , luxury and exclusivity. There are no recipes for magic words or words that seduce. Find out what works for your audience. You test on your own blog/web and little by little create your list.

6. Voice tone: whisper or scream?

The words you choose and the order in which you put them will give your text one tone or another and Resume Writing World.

Generally, the colloquial tone is used on the Internet. When colloquialism is abused and you see posts full of emoticons (because we like yellow and we are very friendly), closing exclamation points that you do not know where they opened !!!!, words in UPPERCASE (shouting market style), confusion in the use of “diacritical” signs , foreign words because English is cooler, very technical words ( so they can see that I am a skilled and knowledgeable expert ) . And then before your brain explodes or the RAE Dictionary commits suicide on the shelf, you give up reading.

Remember: your target audience (first) and brand identity (second) determine the tone of communication voice.

7. SEO: today, tomorrow and always


The SEO techniques applied to the optimization of content are quite specific as to the characteristics of the titles, bolds, links, italics, paragraph and sentence structure, keywords and semantic units . Do you master them?

8. Write with proximity

Some authors recommend tweeting to connect with the reader and that generalization is not correct. Again it depends on the target audience, their status and the type of relationship you want to establish. For example, in many Latin American countries, people turn to their parents/mothers of you , even if they have a lot of confidence.

Create real closeness through texts that show how much you know your audience and that they matter to you.

9. First was the verb

Where you can include a verb do not use a noun. Verbs give rhythm and vitality to texts. For example:

Yes: The child disappeared …

No: The disappearance of the child …

In relation to adjectives, be very careful with their use. They can become wrinkles within your article and I refer you to a classic.

10. A good closing

The last paragraph is recommended that you retrieve the keywords if you can. It is also the moment to reiterate your thesis; encourage participation in the comments or open the window to a “will continue in another article …”



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