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5 Stories That Should Be Made Into A Comic Book Movie.

The film was released in 1978, and the audience has seen countless superhero comics adapted from the blockbuster. Part of the reason Hollywood inspired them is that they have a lot of material for classic characters and story changes.

The recent success of story adaptations, comic books, and graphic novels by book marketing has become the number one source of information for Marvel and DC comic movies. They haven’t even touched the surface of comic history. As a fan of comics and films, following superhero comics should become movies.

Rogue and The Start (2018).

Posted by: Kelly Thompson and Chris Anka.

Hollywood is eager to release a movie featuring Gambit, the favorite of X-Men fans. So why not combine him with a long-time lover, rascal?

They can reduce the story to features in this cartoon. The result is a team that attracts an audience. A powerful heroine who can weaken the enemy’s power in one blow and a man in a high-energy trench coat is by her side, which is a convincing premise.

Filmmakers have the opportunity to redeem two film versions of these characters. It elevated them to their high position in the comics world.

The Green Hornet: General (2017).

Published by: Kevin Smith. Artist: Jonathan Lau.

This graphic novel is adapted from the script of the original “Green Hornet” movie by writer and director Kevin Smith. The script was discarded because it was created when it failed in 2011. In a few pages, you will see that this story can redeem the character’s movie reputation.

Smith’s story tells the origins of Little Brid, who was the spoiled, wealthy son of the original Green Hornet who took over his father’s fireplace when he died young. This book is an interesting origin story. It cleans up these classic characters and updates them for modern audiences. Hollywood was a screenplay at first, but it got off to a good start in terms of scripts and storyboards.

The Incredible Hulk #180 and #181 (1974).

Publisher: Len Wein. Artist: Herb Trimpe.

In the end, fans looking for a “good” Hulk movie can find it in his most famous look. In it, he is fighting a specific regeneration variant called Wolverine. This movie is not a two-hour battle, but using today’s amazing special effects to make fun of this epic comic book battle can be said to be a hook that attracts the audience.

This concept is more reasonable because the two Marvel characters are now owned by the same company and play together to get a “yes” from Marco Ruffalo and Hugh Jackman.

Batman: Normandy.

Publisher: Various Writers and Artist.

A movie set in Gotham City is razed to the ground by a major earthquake, can inspire many storylines and fill up two hours of screen time. The disaster film attracted an audience. You can fill in this story if you want to see more of Gotham locked in in the 2012 “Dark Knight Rises.”

A decent screenwriter can draw some of the best moments to execute this story and create a granular and complicated plot around this spectacle. You can also show moviegoers Barbara Gordon’s oracle after being wounded by a gunshot, who helped Batman traverse the rubble of the damaged city.

Spider-Man: Another Day (2007)

Posted by: J. Michael Straczynski and Joe Quesada, Artist: Joe Quesada

Comics fans, bear with me here. The book angered many readers as soon as it was published. Depending on the circumstances, Peter Parker may have to choose between erasing the memory of his marriage to Mary Jane Watson or killing his fatally injured aunt.

He chose the former and unnecessarily reset the character’s timeline. But the movie version has a chance to get things right.

If they want to be genuine original creators, create conditions for the latest version of Spider-Man Peter Parker or Miles Morales. Spider-Man must choose between two life-changing realities.

The audience will see him suffering from his choice on the edge of their seats. After all, fans of Spider-Man, like members of Rogue’s Gallery, like to see heroes fighting against his humanity.



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