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6 Basic Companion Care Services That Must Include In Your Program

The duty of the caregiver is to take care of the client’s health. A caregiver supports the person in the daily activities and tasks. When opting for the companion care service, make sure your caregiver is qualified and experienced. It’s because he/ she has the knowledge of how to take care of the person effectively. In this article, we will pay attention to the six basic services that must be included in your home care program. 

6 Basic Duties Of The Caregivers 

Role 1: Support In Terms Of Medical Needs

The utmost responsibility of the caregiver is to take care of the medical needs of the person. Usually, seniors look for companionship care services so that a responsible one can keep track of their medical appointments and can properly handle their medications. Caregivers must be responsible and serious when performing the duties related to medical care. 

 Role 2:  Prepare A Care Plan

A caregiver is considered smart and responsible when he/she makes a care plan in advance. A proper planning reflects in the quality of service they provide. Every task will be on time which is perfect for the ones who are seeking the service and the one who is providing the service. 

 Role 3: Assist With Daily Needs

The companionship home care service must include assistance in the regular or daily needs of the person. Basic needs such as cooking, laundry work, grooming, bathing, etc., must be included in the program. However, the needs can be customized as it depends on person-to-person requirements. 

Role 4: Act As A Genuine Friend 

Undoubtedly, a caregiver is paid for its service. However, a caregiver must know that they are handling a human who is filled with emotions and feelings. Especially seniors, they look for a true friend who is not only helping with their daily chores but also there for them when they are happy and sad. They want someone who can have conversations or do interactions. The role of caregiver is sometimes more than the paid job. Hence, a caregiver must act as a good fellow. 

 Role 5: Assist With Transfer And Mobility

Some need assistance in moving or transmitting as they deal with a serious surgery or with a lifetime concern. The companionship care program must include this essential help as it helps the person to prevent falls. Therefore, make the person safe and comfortable. 

 Role 6: Provide Transportation

When a person ages then they face discomfort if they use public transportation or are not able to drive. A basic companionship care program must include a transportation facility where a caregiver takes the person to wherever he wants to go. For instance, take the person to the doctor or to the park. 


After reading the article, one may conclude that a caregiver plays a vital role in many people’s lives. However, a companionship care program is a worthy choice if it features all of the above basic services. For special cases, you need to look for specific home care programs which can fulfill your needs.  




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