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A Hybrid App Development Company Leverages These Frameworks

Mobile app development technology is evolving at a rapid pace with each passing day. It is ultimately coming to the major help of businesses striving to establish a robust presence in the virtual market. Automating business procedures becomes a hassle-free task using a hybrid mobile app. Therefore, business enterprises investing in hybrid mobile app development at present are increasing.

Sustaining in the highly competitive digital market is not easy for small and mid-size firms. So, it is becoming more and more essential to make optimum use of hybrid apps. This kind of smartphone application is instrumental in making businesses more accessible for their target and existing clients across platforms. 

Make sure you get in touch with a leading company developing hybrid mobile apps of the highest standard for quite a while. Building a hybrid app for your company can help you reach out to your customers hassle-free and cater to their requirements successfully. Hybrid app frameworks have made the lives of developers remarkably easier.

Read on to learn about different effective UI frameworks that professional developers use to build noteworthy hybrid mobile applications in the quickest time.

React Native

One of the useful frameworks is React native that helps developers build hybrid mobile apps using JavaScript. Similar to React, JavaScript also makes use of the same design. It allows app developers to create a super appealing mobile user interface from declarative parts.

This framework plays a significant role in facilitating app development professionals to build a feature-rich mobile phone application. React Native employs core UI building blocks that are the same as standard Android and iOS apps. Click here to learn about mobile app development trends 2021.


Experts at a renowned hybrid app development company regard Ionic as the pioneer of hybrid mobile app frameworks. Businesses that want their official app to deliver a peerless performance invest in this specific framework. It is an HTML-based UI framework, which doesn’t require any third-party integration with the JS library. Developers can easily club it with Angularjs when building a highly interactive hybrid app.

Aside from being open source and free, the Ionic framework also has an MIT license, and a huge global community is powering it. The Ionicons icon of this popular mobile app framework consists of tons of typical app icons. Some of the notable features of Ionic are AoT compiling, deep linking, etc.

Native Script

Developers use JavaScript to build various NativeScript applications. Sometimes, they also use a programming language, which doesn’t create any problem when transpiling to JavaScript. This hybrid app framework has a significantly deep integration similar to full-stack features with advanced Angular variants.

Expert app developers can integrate the NativeScript framework easily with the Angular CLI, code generation and router support. It can also be included with Vue through a certain community-developed plugin. Building a hybrid app using this robust and beneficial framework will help you offer your clients a native app navigation-like experience.

Angular UI

One of the best solutions for data binding handling purposes is undeniably the Angular UI framework. Hybrid apps built with Angular UI stand apart because of the data binding aspect, which involves auto data synchronisation between the view and model.

Many business enterprises opt for the Angular framework, as it is an appealing option to build premium-quality mobile applications that run on both iOS and Android-based smartphones. The way businesses are showing interest in developing mobile apps, by 2023, mobile app development will be a trillion-dollar sector.


If there’s a framework most companies that provide hybrid app development services use, it’s PhoneGap. It is known for its two notable aspects – ease of use and unmatched compatibility with different mobile operating systems. App development professionals employ key programming languages such as CSS, JavaScript and HTML while writing a single codebase. 

This popular framework can easily convert codebase into a hybrid mobile app in a short span. Offering native plugins is something it does for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. One of the cost-effective frameworks is PhoneGap. 

The Bottom Line

So, to build your business mobile application without investing a substantial amount of money and time, it’s prudent to get in touch with Neuronimbus. Expert developers at this leading app development company can make use of any of the frameworks mentioned above to build an amazing and interactive hybrid app for your company. You will be able to reach out to more clients and provide them with top-quality services when you develop a hybrid app using one of the best frameworks.



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