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All you need to know about Titanium Round Bars


Titanium is a metal that is obtained when Iron and some other chemicals are mixed in a proportion. The chemical elements present in the alloy are 6% of aluminum, 4% of vanadium, 0.25% of iron, and 0.2% of oxygen. All these alloy-present chemicals and metals give it some favorable characteristics. Titanium is highly tensile and quite powerful. The Titanium is lighter in weight due to the presenceĀ of aluminum and is also very resistant to corrosion.

Titanium is a metal that has the ability to bear high temperatures. The thing with Titanium is that it is expensive so its application is limited to Military and Medical and many other applications. This mixture has a solid solubility that varies dramatically with temperature, allowing it to undergo precipitation strengthening. This heat treatment process is carried out after the alloy has been worked into its final shape but before it is put to use, allowing much easier fabrication of a high-strength product. The alloy Titanium has four categories i.e. Alpha alloys, Near-alpha alloys, Alpha and Beta Alloys, Beta alloys, and Near-beta alloys. These are just categories and not the grades, grades are however different.


Titanium Round Bar

A Round Bar is a long section of any metal in shapes like round, square, rectangle, hexagon, etc. the metal is melted and softened initially and then formed into a Round Bar with a mold after which it is constantly cooled down. These Round Bars are used for many applications. The Round Bars made up of Titanium are exceptionally good for the work because of the great features of the alloy itself. Titanium Round Bars have the size of 5mm to 500mm with a diameter ranging from 0.1mm to 100mm and length can be from 100mm to 1300mm and beyond. The general shape of Bars is Round Bars, Square Bars, Flat Bars, Threaded Bars, Hollow Bars, Hexagonal Bars, Triangular Bars. These Round Bars are generally used to make other products for example small pipe fittings, small tools, instruments, etc. the Round Bars are also used to make products such as pipes and tubes. The Titanium Round Bars are optimum Round Bars because of the properties of many metals used to make the alloy.



A lot of industries prefer Titanium because it has good properties for use. These industries are massive and huge in terms of production so, of course, they require a strong material for keeping their production consistent. Architecture, Power generation, Medical industry, Hydro-carbon processing, Marine industry, Exhaust pipe shrouds, Airframe skin, Desalination, Chemical processing, Chlorate Manufacturing, Aerospace structures, Chemical processing, Medical industry, Marine industry, Airframe components. The pipelines use pipes made of Inconel because they can survive water for a long period of time. Cooling towers also use this alloy because of its resistance against water and steam for the very same reason it is also used in making steam exhausts. The Electric Generation plants use this alloy grade because it is compatible with electricity and many elements.

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