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Applications and Benefits Of Using Stainless Steel Valves


A valve is a device or machine through which the movement of any fluid or substance is controlled. A valve is mostly used in the piping system. The valves are useful for directing or diverting the flow of any liquid passing through. It is also used to stop or start the circulation flow. Factually valve is a pipe fitting however it is defined as a separate category. Valves come in different shapes and sizes, they can also be very huge in size. The massive valves are mostly used in industries or factories or even ships.


Stainless Steel Valve

Stainless Steel is a metal made up of certain materials like Chromium up to 18%, Carbon 0.8%, Manganese 2%, Nickel 8%, Silicon, Molybdenum, etc. in certain proportions. It is the attribute of Nickel that metal is resistant to several conditions and Carbon helps it out in sustaining the strength whereas the chromium imparts the lustrous property to the metal and Molybdenum provides corrosion against scales. So, the Valves made up of Stainless Steel are of course heavy but are very durable and stronger and most importantly are resistant to various fluids and chemicals which makes them optimum to be used in the piping system.


Benefits of SS Valves

Robust- The Stainless Steel Valves are significantly robust in nature. The attribute of the metal here is the strength that is obtained by carbon. The valves made of this metal are stronger and more durable.


Corrosion Resistant- The very property Stainless Steel is renowned for. Thanks to the presence of Nickel and Molybdenum the alloy is very much resistant to corrosion and pitting even in any condition. They are also resistant to a higher temperatures.


Leakage proof- of course, the stainless steel valve is leakproof as that is its prime purpose. Stainless Steel also helps in preventing any type of leakage and smooth performance.


Types of Valves

Ball Valve- a type of valve that consists of a ball inside. The ball has a bore in between which when rotated and aligned towards the mouth of the pipe allows the passage of the liquid or vice versa.

Butterfly Valve- a butterfly valve is a valve with a disc inside which covers the entire mouth of the pipe to obstruct and when sideways it allows the passage of liquid.

Check Valve- somewhat like a butterfly valve, the Check Valve also consists of a disc that covers the mouth of the pipe to obstruct the flow and when it is moved upwards the liquid goes through. There are different types of check valves.

Globe Valve- Globe valve is mostly used valve in which there is a plug that stops the flow and when lifted upwards it allows liquid to go through.


The Valves serve an important role in the piping system so they are mainly used in Industries, Pipelines, Oil and Gas, Food and Beverage, Chemical Industry, Marine Industry, etc. every industry continuously carries the products through pipes and Valves are very important to stop and start the process.




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