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Applications & Benefits of Incoloy 825 Manifold Valve

Incoloy 825 

Incoloy is a superalloy made from a unique metal. 

Incoloy is a good alloy with excellent performance characteristics. 

The grade of superalloy most commonly used is Inconel 825. 

The grade 825 is a Nickel-Iron-Chromium alloy with excellent corrosion, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, and seawater resistance. 

There is a 46 % mixture of nickel and cobalt, 23.5 % chromium, 3.00 % copper, 22 % iron, and other valuable elements. 

Incoloy 825 has a tensile strength of 100 ksi and 689 MPa as a sheet, plate, or bar, and yield strength of 55 ksi and 379 MPa with a 39 percent elongation.

Manifold Valve

The Manifold valve consists of a single body with two or more valves that can be utilized as needed. It’s just a block or brick with valves on both sides and a handle to operate it. In a complex hydraulic system, the manifold valve is necessary. Bleed, vent, needle, and ball valves are examples of individual valves that can be found in manifold valves. Shorter path flows reduce pressure drop and heat fluctuations, enhancing the system’s overall energy efficiency. Installation costs and fluid connections are reduced due to a simpler, more compact design. Because there are fewer connections, there are fewer risks of oil leakage, which reduces the need for maintenance against fatigue, wear, and lose joints. Because there are fewer pipes and connections, the arrangement is improved. Cartridges in small, compact sizes are ideal for limited spaces.

A Manifold Valve constructed of Incoloy 825 is preferred because it is a very good material to work within the manufacturing process. The Incoloy 825 products are extremely long-lasting. This Manifold Valve can withstand temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. ASTM A494/ ASME SA494 are the specifications. Thread, weld, and tube end connections are all accessible. The pressure rating starts at 6000 psig and goes up to 8000 psig. Two-way, three-way and five-way Manifold Valves are all available. This valve can be used for a pipe to pipe, flange to flange, pipe to pipe, remote, base, and remote mounting base vent, as well as direct and integral mounting.

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The Benefits of an Incoloy 825 Manifold Valve are:

Robustness– The Manifold Valves are quite robust. 

The metal’s properties include strength, which is obtained by carbon. 

The valves manufactured of this metal are more robust and long-lasting.

Corrosion resistance is a well-known feature of grade 825. 

The alloy is very resistant to corrosion and pitting under any circumstances due to the inclusion of Nickel and Molybdenum. 

They can also withstand high temperatures.

Leakproof-The Manifold valve is, of course, leakproof because that is its primary function. 

Incoloy 825 also aids in the prevention of leaking and provides a smooth performance.

Increased Strength– The alloy has a strength that is comparable to or better than stainless steel.


Valves play a crucial part in piping systems, therefore they’re commonly found in industries like pipelines, oil and gas, food and beverage, chemical manufacturing, and the marine industry. 

Every industry transports materials through pipes continually, and valves are critical for stopping and starting the operation.


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