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Are You In, On or At? Prepositions that Tell of Time and Place


When English speakers look at prepositions of place and time, there are actually 3 small words which usually come up: within, on, as well as at. These common words are actually prepositions that show a connection between 2 text in a sentence.

But these small two letter prepositions appear to generate confusion. Below are a few rules that will help you realize when to operate in, on, as well as at just within a sentence.

For describing place and time, the prepositions within, on, as well as at go from common to certain.

Time and prepositions

Let us start by looking at just how we look at time. English speakers make use of in to refer to a common, longer time of time, like months, decades, years, or perhaps centuries. For instance, we mention “in April,” “in 2015” or perhaps “in the 21st century.”

You might hear, “I went to focus on Monday,” or maybe “Let’s employ a picnic on Memorial Day.”

Which means you are going to hear, “Meet me from midnight,” or maybe “The flowers are actually in blossom at Easter time.”

Place and prepositions

When English speakers talk about a location, we utilize in for probably the largest or even the majority of basic places. You are able to say that “VOA is actually located around Washington, D.C.” And “for probably the best food, test the restaurants in Chinatown.”

For much more specific locations, like some streets, we make use of the preposition on. You might understand that President Obama resides on Pennsylvania Avenue found Washington, D.C.

Last but not least, we get to most distinct places. For exact addresses or perhaps intersections, we make use of the preposition at.


Nonetheless, it helps to learn that English prepositions will have several rules.

Following the “general to specific” guideline ought to assist you nearly all of the moment.



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