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Best Online Meditation Teacher Training Course in the UK

If you are looking forward to making a career in Meditation teaching, it is mandatory to have a meditation teacher training course in the UK. First, you will need to complete an online Meditation Teacher training course and get a certification. After the certification, you will be able to teach meditation to other people. This is a very lucrative career and a lot of people are looking forward to joining. Apart from being a good career opportunity, it also offers better health as a bonus as well. So, you will not only enjoy what you do but will also be benefiting from it as well. Meditation practices can help you keep healthy, apart from this there is a lot of need for certified teachers in the UK. 


Demand for certified teachers for meditation has increased over the years, and there are not enough people who have certifications and required experience. So, if you join meditation teacher training and get certified, you can also become a meditation teacher and teach it to others. It is one of the best jobs in the world but it requires proper training and certification. Otherwise, you will not be able to teach it to others. 


The Meditation teacher training helps you learn about the techniques on how you can help other people do their poses properly without making mistakes. So, in these courses, you not only learn about self-practice but also how to help other people practice. Some of these courses also include a small portion of how to get a job or set up your own yoga studio or meditation studio. 


Below is a complete guide about becoming a meditation teacher in the United Kingdom. 

How Do I Become a  Meditation Teacher?

In the UK, you should first complete a meditation certification course. Meditation certificates are obtained after completion of meditation teacher training. This type of training is offered by a lot of institutes in the UK. You can join any ashram of your choice and start learning the meditation teacher training course. Upon the completion of your meditation teacher training course, you will be certified. After that certification, you can join any ashram for a meditation studio as a teacher or open your own meditation studio and offer your services as a teacher. 


So, you learned in the above paragraph about why the certification and meditation teacher training courses are important. Now, it is time for you to choose one yoga ashram or meditation studio in the UK for your meditation yoga teacher training and certification. You cannot just choose any meditation or yoga studio for these. It is very important that you choose your meditation or yoga ashram carefully. This is because not all of the yoga studios offer the same quality education. Some are better than others and some are the best. You should always select the best ones. This is because they have more alliances and affiliations in the UK and also in the other parts of the world as well. Below is a list of one of the best Yoga and meditation studios in the UK that you can join for the online Meditation teacher training courses. 

Best Online Courses for Meditation Teacher in the UK:

There are two types of Meditation centers or institutes that offer meditation courses. Some of these are offline institutes and they offer offline courses only. But some of these are also online, and they teach their students online. Below is a list of a few top meditation courses offered by different institutes. All of these courses are online and they are some of the best that you can find in the UK.

  1. Meditation Teacher Training – Arhanta Yoga Ashram:

Arhanta Yoga Ashram is one of the biggest and the best online yoga and meditation ashrams. They offer multiple courses for the meditation teachers to join and get certified. They offer a 50 hours meditation teacher training course. This course offers training for the teachers and at the end of the training, they provide a certification. If you want to learn from the best and also from the comfort of your couch, you should learn from the Arhanta Yoga Ashram. 


The Arhanta Yoga Ashram has affiliations with almost all the international yoga alliances. That means,

  you will have no problems teaching yoga and meditations to students from all over the world and not just from the UK. The course offered by the Arhanta Yoga Ashram has 50 hours of meditation teacher training, in these 50 hours, you are taught about the basics, how to practice, how to help others practice, how to set up your own studio to teach others, and much more. If you want to learn from the best, the Arhanta Yoga Ashram should be your first choice. 

  1. Breathworks Teacher Training Programme:

Breathworks Teacher Training Programme is also one of the best online meditation courses that you can find and join online in the UK. It is offered by the Breathworks studios. They provide 50 hours of meditation yoga teacher training. Upon the completion of this 50 hours meditation teacher training, students are awarded a certification. This is valid internationally and you can use it to become a teacher in the UK as well. This course is for people who have some experience in yoga or meditation. If you’re totally new, you can also join this course, but they will need to complete other courses as well. 


The 50 hours course is only valid if you already have 200 hours of yoga teacher training course. After completing these courses, you will be able to teach meditation to others. This course has a lot of parts in it that cover different aspects such as theory, poses, practice of different poses, setting up your business, and getting a job after completing the course. You not only learn about self-practice but also about how to help other people to practice. 

  1. Meditation Accredited Diploma Teaching Course:

The Meditation Accredited Diploma Teaching Course is also one of the best and most popular meditation teacher training courses. As the name suggests, this course is accredited by multiple associations related to meditation. At the end of this course, you are provided a certification. Similar to other certifications, it is also internationally valid and you can use it to teach others. This course is also 50 hours and you can complete it at your own pace. This is an online course that means you can download all the materials and then learn the way you want. You will be given access to your account even after completing your course so that you can benefit from the online course library and keep learning. It is one of the best online places to learn Meditation teacher training in the UK in 2021 online. 

  1. Meditation Teacher Course – Open College:

The Open College is one of the most prestigious online meditation colleges in the UK. It also offers a lot of courses online and offline as well. They offer a course for meditation teacher training. In this course, participants are taught about the practices and theory of doing meditation and teaching it to others. The Meditation Teacher Course of Open College can be joined online and certification can be obtained upon completion. 


This certification is valid and allows you to teach online and offline as a meditation teacher. You can set up your own ashram or join any other studio as a teacher. Open college website allows you to download all the course materials and learn at your own pace. This is one of their best features because in the future if you need to know something, you can go on and check your reference books.

  1. Meditation Teacher Training – Yoga Campus:

The Yoga Campus is also one of the best places to learn meditation online. They offer Meditation Teacher Training for the students in the United Kingdom. In this Meditation Teacher Training, you are provided all the training online and you can download your certificates online. These certificates are also internationally valid and you can use these to teach meditation courses in the UK as well. 


This course is good for all types of yoga and meditation teachers. Because the Yoga Campus has some of the best teachers who are known for their experience in yoga and meditation. You can benefit from their superior expertise in the field. Apart from that, you can access the course materials from the website and set up your own pace to learn the meditation teacher training. You will not need to follow the timeline provided by the college.  

  1. Mindfulness Teacher Training:

Mindfulness Teacher Training is a course offered by the Mindfulness institute in the UK. It is one of the biggest and best online meditation teacher training websites. It offers multiple courses in meditation including a compulsory 50 hours meditation teacher training course as well. After the completion of this course, you can join any meditation studio as a teacher or you can start your own studio as well. Mindfulness teacher training offers similar benefits as the other courses, but it has a unique benefit as it focuses more on mindfulness and not just physical strength and health. 


The article above contains basic information about how you can become a meditation teacher online and what are the best institutes to complete the meditation teacher training courses. Arhanta Yoga Ashram offers one of the best courses in meditation teacher training. You should join their course for the best results.



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