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5 Highlighting Factors to Know About Binance Futures

People who are new to the crypto space should know that there is a difference in Binance Futures and Binance. The former exchange focuses more on futures trading.

Nonetheless, Binance Futures is an outstanding platform and should be in every crypto investors or traders list. This platform was established in 2019 with the aim to offer a more user-focused platform in the market.

The team of the exchange worked on creating an optimized platform that would perform seamlessly in all kinds of trading conditions. It also focuses on avoiding the common mistakes that other platforms are making, which makes it a stand out exchange among others in the crypto market.

If you are looking to use the exchange then here is a brief Binance Futures review that can help you determine whether this is a suitable exchange for you or not.

Tradable Pairs Offered by Binance Futures

To the delight of crypto investors and traders, this exchange offers the highest number of tradable pairs in the entire crypto market. This is an outstanding aspect that places the exchange at the top. An exchange that supports numerous trading pairs can be seen as a platform that is well-developed and built well enough to cater to the needs of a large audience.

Binance Futures supports approximately 24 different crypto trading pairs on the platform. The trading pairs that are supported by the exchange include:

  • Popular crypto pairs
  • Some not so popular pairs
  • Leveraged tokens
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The availability of a wide range of trading pairs makes it the most diverse platform in the crypto market. To know the complete list of trading pairs supported by the exchange you can read the full Binance Futures review.

Usage of Credit Card

Nowadays, people look for their convenience above numerous other factors. Considering the demands of the customers, the crypto exchanges are also upgraded from time to time. One of the factors people look for are the different types of deposit methods that are offered by an exchange.

If you are looking to use Binance Futures, you should know that the exchange offers versatile deposit methods:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Third-party payment

Before you choose an exchange to buy, sell or trade crypto, always make sure you check the deposit methods offered by the exchange. This can help you to choose an exchange that offers the most convenient services for you.

Offers All Order Types

This brief Binance Futures review also covers one of the most important factors every interested party wants to know. This exchange is not only a safe and secure platform but it also offers all order types. This is yet another factor that can grab the attention of a large audience. This can also indicate that the exchange is well-built.

If you are looking to be a trader and you want to opt for Binance Futures then you should know the order types offered by the exchange.

  • Market order
  • Limit order
  • Conditional order

This exchange was established to be at the same level as the institutional trading platforms, which is why it is one of the best exchanges in the market.

Supports All Trading Styles

Another factor that can prove the versatility of the trading platform is the support it extends to all trading styles. An exchange that supports different trading styles will attract the eye of numerous crypto traders. This means the exchange is stable and diverse enough to handle a wide range of traders that use multiple trading styles.

Here are the trading styles supported by the exchange:

  • Algorithm trading
  • Hedging
  • Scalping
  • Trading very high volumes
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The different types of trading styles can help you diversify and upgrade your portfolio. Therefore, if you are interested in any of the trading styles mentioned above then Binance Futures is a suitable platform for you.

Custom Made Mobile App

People who are interested in trading prefer as much convenience as they can get. One of the ways trading platforms can make crypto trading easy and convenient for the traders is by introducing a mobile application.

This brief Binance Futures review also covers the availability of a custom made mobile-friendly application. It is available for both Android and iOS users.

It makes it easy for the traders to trade while on the go and offers the features mentioned below:

  • Charting tool
  • Custom indicators
  • Several order types
  • Several time frames
  • User-friendly interface

Final Takeaways!

There are several features and services that are offered by Binance Futures. This is one of the most remarkable trading platform as it offers 125x leverage and utmost safety of the users’ funds.

If you want to choose a secure and user-friendly trading platform then you should know the highlighting features of the exchange that are mentioned above.

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