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Buy Best Family Health Insurance Plan for Your Family

Air, water, and food are not of the same quality as they used to be a couple of decades back. The growing pollution and busy lifestyle take a toll on your health as well. To keep you and your family members safe from the uncertainties related to health, getting a family health insurance plan is a must. While it safeguards the health of your family members, it also ensures that you don’t face the financial consequences alone during emergencies. The things that you can monitor while getting the best healthcare plan for your family are listed below:

Waiting period in health insurance plan

You cannot purchase a health insurance plan today and raise a claim tomorrow. It is because the plan needs to complete a minimum period called waiting period and after this period you can start raising claims. However, the waiting period for pre-existing illnesses can be longer. Therefore, you must consider these things before applying for a healthcare policy for your loved ones. 

Number of members 

It is up to you to choose the number of members you want to cover under the family insurance plan. However, remember that the coverage amount will get divided between the family members and the premium might increase as well. Therefore, only add the members who don’t have the protection of medical insurance. 

Also, get a family healthcare plan that allows you to add a family member any time you feel like it. 

Health coverage for newborns 

Newborns are automatically covered under a family health insurance plan from the day they are born till they get financially independent. Therefore, there is no need to get a separate policy for them. 

Maternity insurance 

A comprehensive family health care policy includes maternity insurance as well. It means that the expenses associated with maternity are covered under this plan. Choose a plan that offers extensive coverage for maternity expenses that include medical bills, diagnostic charges, and other expenses. 

Cashless treatment in health insurance plan

A cashless treatment will negate the need of paying the hospitalization fees by yourself and claiming them later. The hospital will send the bills directly to the insurance company and you don’t have to pay anything from your pocket. However, inform the insurance company about the hospitalization in advance. If not possible, inform them at least within 24 hours of getting admitted. It is essential to avoid any last-minute hassles. 

Claim settlement ratio

Always get a health insurance plan for your family from a credible insurer. Apart from the company profile and their experience in healthcare insurance, you can check the claim settlement ratio. The claim settlement ratio is nothing but the number of claims that the insurer has accepted to date. A higher ratio signifies that you have taken the insurance policy from the right place. 

Preventive healthcare 

Ensure that the family healthcare policy that you are buying includes free medical checkups and regular health tests. Having this facility will ensure that you get an idea about a medical condition or disease well in advance. Therefore, a best family health insurance plan in India will prevent the condition from worsening by providing you access to quality healthcare services afterward. 

Daycare treatment in health insurance plan

See to it that the healthcare policy that you buy includes coverage for daycare treatment. Some medical insurance policies also offer coverage for the treatment that you take from home. This facility is beneficial for elders who might not be able to visit the hospital for treatment. 

Apart from that, get an insurance policy that provides coverage for alternative treatment procedures as well. These days many insurance companies include AYUSH (Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy) treatments under their policy. Therefore, you and your family members will get coverage for these types of alternative treatment procedures as well. For exploring the best family health insurance plans in India, you can go to the portal of Bajaj Finserv. 



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