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It is believed that the Vastu paintings bring positivity and prosperity in life. Placing items in your house in a specific direction matters a lot. Since they are all connected to ‘eternal energy levels.’ These simple things bring peace & prosperity to your life.

When we plan to buy a new house, we look for various factors like ventilation, locality, amenities, etc. We take suggestions from colleagues, elders, and everyone! In addition, we used to follow the Vastu Shastra tips for our house.

It can change your life, relationship and it intends that the relationship with your loved one blossoms with each passing day. There are different kinds of paintings, and idols are considered to bring positive vibrations around you. Hence some people decorate their walls with Lord Krishna Paintings, Ganesha Paintings, etc., in their house.

It is believed that Radha-Krishna symbolizes unconditional and eternal love. Radha Krishna disseminates the message of selfless love and peace, and keeping a painting of them at room will only escalate the love between the couple. We at  invite you to witness and buy amazing and top-quality collection of Radha Krishna Painting to ensure, love, and prosperity.  

Radha Krishna paintings are known to depict love. These Radha Krishna wall painting give a subtle sensitivity of poems enchanted by the realm of mysticism. Also, one would get to witness the alluring and amazing garlands and flowers in vibrant colors.

The Blue color represents the Earth, the depths of the ocean, and beautiful green nature. The yellow color represents love and respect for our mother nature and tells what it means to humankind. It also depicts fire and the Earth (mud and silica) that emits a mesmerizing hue of yellow and brown. We don’t want to put up any random artwork in our home that is too loud or just too different, and we always look for something that makes us happy and calm. The Radha Krishna wall painting brings a positive surrounding to make our home aura more prodigious and pious. 

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Radha Krishna paintings are known to depict love. These Radha Krishna wall painting give a subtle sensitivity of poems enchanted by the realm of mysticism.

Also, one would get to witness the alluring and amazing garlands and flowers in vibrant colors 

Knowing about Radha Krishna Paintings

Krishna, an incarnation of Supreme Hindu God Vishnu (one of three Gods of Hinduism that complete the holy trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh).

Krishna was a notorious one, bright, wise, and a brave kid. Krishna was a mesmerizing character as per all Hindu books and scriptures. Hinduism, the world’s oldest religion, you will find various stories of Krushna that glorify the epic tales of different deities.  

So, Krishna was living in a small village of Vrindavan near Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. Interacting with him or even hearing him makes people astonished by his impeccable aura. It is one of the main reasons Krishna is seen blue in most of the artworks. Radha was also one of the Gopis, who fell in love with Krishna when she saw him for the first time. Krishna also loved Radha with his most entire heart in Hula Global 

The Radha Krishna paintings show him playing flute in the center, covered with several Gopis and Radha beside him. Due to Krishna’s responsibilities, he had to leave Vrindavan at a point, but Radha wanted Krishna to be with her. Krishna explained to Radha that it is impossible to marry her because marriage is a union of two souls. According to Krishna, he and Radha were part of one soul only. So, at last, he and Radha went their separate ways.

Significance of Radha Krishna paintings 

Generally, we love to put up artworks in our home that make it look more beautiful and make our home aura more prodigious and pious. Whatever artwork we use to hang on our wall will be there for a long time for our eyes to observe and our minds to absorb. If you put up a painting of some disturbing factor, such as a dragon or something in your bedroom, it isn’t a comfortable setting for your eyes and mind.

We at welcome you to experience an alluring collection of splendid and wonderful artworks and will disseminate the message of peace and love and will surely uplift your spirit.

According to Vastu Shastra, it is said that one can simply hang the amazing Radha Krishna Painting just opposite the main entrance, it will reduce all your problems and issues.

It prevents any issues that might occur in your love or married life. We all need someone to be a caring life partner. So it is believed that at least having a Radha Krishna painting in the bedroom can help get a loving life partner. 

One of the facts is that it is believed inaus picious to have paintings of any other Deities in the bedroom. But, with Radha Krishna paintings, couples or families can develop unconditional love for each other. Selecting paint is also an important part. While picking the painting for your bedroom, you need to look at the size of the painting, the material used, and the surface on which it is drawn. It is essential to choose the right painting so that you can look at it

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