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Can you tell the difference between generic and branded medicine?

Generic medications are copies of branded medicines that are available at an affordable price. It is the main difference between generic and branded medicine. Both generic and branded versions provide the same pharmaceutical effect. In addition, generic medications are a FDA-approved medicines like branded medicines.

Generic medicines are FDA-approved replicas of branded medicines. These medicines hold the same pharmaceutical purpose as branded medications.

The FDA has already said that generic medicines are pharmaceutically equivalent considered safe and effective.

The FDA ensures that the generic medication is the same in terms of purity, strength, stability, and quality as their brand replicas. So let’s know more about the difference between generic and branded drugs.

Generic medicines are affordable

Usually, generic medicines are easily available in the market at a pocket-friendly price. The price can be up to 85% less according to the FDA.

Generic manufacturers do not invest in research

Generic medications are available at a pocket-friendly price because the manufacturers do not need to invest in research like branded medicines.

Brand-name manufacturer has to invest millions of dollars for proving the safety and effectiveness of a newly manufactured medication. Generic medications use the same active ingredients that are used in branded replicas. Therefore, there is no need to prove the safety and efficacy of the same drug again. It saves a lot of manufacturers and marketing money that in turn benefits customers.

Competition between generic medicines

Several manufacturers produce the same generic medicines. Therefore, the competition amongst generic medicines is also very high, which further reduces the prices.

However, people do know about the affordable price difference between generic and branded medicine costs. Therefore, many people choose generic over branded drugs.

One cross-sectional study of 278 participants studied based on testing the awareness of generic medications. The results showed that 88.8% of volunteers were aware of the cost difference. While; 80.2% claimed they chose generic medicines because of their affordable price.


Another common Difference between Generic and Branded medicine, they are filled with the same pharmaceutical components. However, features of the medications that will not affect the medical purpose are allowed, such differences are acceptable across the globe. It includes their appearance.

The USA trademark law does not allow generic counterparts to appear the same as their branded medicines.

Generic producers submit an ANDA form to the FDA. This document is submitted to the FDA’s Office of Generic Drugs (OGD). Generic medicines are allowed to have a different physical appearance.

The OGD offers a complete guide to manufacturers regarding the size and shape of the medicines. It provides valid parameters from both the manufacturing and safety point of view.

So, which are better generic or branded medicines? There are not adequate analyses to conclude as such.

When choosing the better alternative, a person’s health professional will consider the specific health issues and current research while recommending medicine.

As per a 2015 article, the American College of Physicians asked practitioners to advised generic medications instead of branded versions whenever possible.



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