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Cervical Pillow
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Cervical Pillow – Pillow for Shoulder Pain

In today’s fast-paced life, most people suffer from cervical pain. Neck, back, and shoulder pain have become common nowadays. No doubt you spent money on medicines. Have you given a thought to changing the pillows? If not, then it is time to consider changing your pillow. If you are using a regular pillow, why not try a cervical pillow and see the difference yourself. 

Here are some of the benefits of a Cervical Pillow 

  1. Use a cervical pillow to give special curvature to the neck and reduce any irritation to nerve roots while sleeping. A Best Cervical Pillow is made to help align the head and neck while you sleep. It reduces pressure and snoring and keeps you well-rested. In cases where there is a need for uninterrupted rest after any cosmetic procedure, cervical foam pillows are best. It provides pain-free rest and also eases muscle tension in the neck.
  2. To help with neck pain, don’t just rely on a pillow. A cervical pillow can provide anatomical alignment and help lessen neck tension. Cervical pillows reduce unwanted muscle contractions while sleeping, so people wake up without neck pain more often.
  3. Patients experiencing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome find cervical pillows to be beneficial because they provide comfort to the neck joints. Cervical neck pillows also help when muscles are weakened and cause pain. The Cervical pillow for Side Sleepers are designed to be used by therapists. They provide support for the neck, back, arms, and legs while sitting, lying, or exercising.
  4. The Cervical Pillows provide superior pressure relief and distribution. They’re made of foams and can be used in warm and cool temperatures. They help you maintain softness and support while you sleep on your back or your side. Proper cervical alignment provides optimum sleeping comfort.
  5. Some cervical pillows contain an adjustable air pump which can be raised or lowered as per the user’s comfort. The adjustable pumps allow for circulating air and help in getting great sleep. The pillows don’t have the elastic force buildup that many other pillows show.
  6. Many times headaches are associated with disturbed sleep, pain in the neck, and uncomfortable sleeping postures. The cervical foam pillow reduces such instances to a bare minimum. Many foam pillows come with rolls as well. These rolls can be used to support the curves of the neck and ensure maximum support. Some cervical foam pillows also provide an extension to support the neck and give maximum comfort.
  7. Cervical fillings are made from both foam and fiber. Fiber is great for side sleepers while back support is provided by foam pillows. In case you sleep in both positions, take a mixture of both foam and fiber.
  8. Get a cervical foam pillow to help you sleep better! These pillows are soft and provide excellent support for your body while you sleep.
Cervical Pillow

Cervical Pillow

Here we have compiled a list of popular Cervical Pillow

  1. Sleepsia Cervical Pillow The Sleepsia Cervical Pillow is a gel-infused, ergonomic designed pillow with tons of health benefits. Its users get an extreme level of comfort from gel technology and cooling technology. You may get relief from neck, back, and shoulder pain. It may protect the users from allergenic, bacteria, and microbial threats. It is also highly breathable and airy.
  2. Recron Certified Dr. Ortho Fibre Pillow – This is most suitable for people complaining about their neck, and back pain. It ensures that the head, neck and spine are aligned in the right way. There should not be a strain on your muscles. Being hygienic and durable, the pillows are widely demanded
  3. JSB Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow – When it comes to healthcare products, you can trust JSB products. It helps in relieving shoulder pain, neck pain, and other associated cervical problems. If you are suffering from swelling in muscles due to a long time watch of TV and improper sitting posture, consider this pillow. It will help you comfortably sleep wherever you want.
  4. Tynor Cervical Pillow – Tynor pillow helps users to reduce pain and improve sleep quality by keeping the neck in the slight hyperextension position during sleep.


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