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Challenges And Growth Of Marketing Recruitment Agencies In India

A competent placement consultant is someone who has excellent interpersonal as well as communication skills. They focus on assessing a prospective candidate’s aptitude for a certain work position and outlines the job duties, criteria, and employment terms at the initial stage.  

In between the company and the job seeker, a recruitment consultant serves as a link. The success of a recruiting agency is determined by the basic search process. The global technological boom has increased the number of recruiting consultancies in India.

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India has a large population, and competent labor is in short supply in almost every industry.

However, due to a favorable business environment as well as international businesses offshoring to India, the Indian job consulting industry has grown by 15%, as per the Industrial market research.

As a consequence of improved service quality, local businesses had an annual revenue increase of 17% from the year 2007 to 2012.

Profit margin expansion has encouraged new businesses to enter the market. The Indian government’s incentives to improve vocational training, as well as the growing popularity of online recruiting, contribute to holding a positive outlook for the overall sector.

Market Trends Are As Follows

Rapid growth rates have led to forecasts that the number of people employed will rise in the next years.

A slew of mom-and-pop recruiting firms have sprung up, all of which operate solely based on pricing. Clients are seeking professional service as well as the capacity to access personnel from across the world.

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In specialized industries along with the experienced sector, such as Banking, Telecommunications, IT and IT Enabled Services, there are talent shortages. In addition, major growing industries such as FMCG, Hospitality, and Retail need trained people.

India has a large talent pool of highly educated under the 30s (more than half of the population), leaving a gap for middle management and above within every sector.

According to market research, employee attrition is very high, for those workers who prefer to move jobs every 2-3 years to get a raise as well as acquire experience in a new company. On the job front, individuals work 12-14 hours every day with a work hard approach.

On the one hand, a growing percentage of workers choose to work for multinational corporations. Most businesses, on the other hand, prefer workers with international experience as well as a long-term career strategy.

Challenges In Recruitment

The economy’s rapid expansion has resulted in a massive increase in hiring, which bodes well for recruiting firms. Recruiters’ main task is to encourage more individuals to migrate from the “unorganized” self-employed sector to the “organized” labor market.

Here are some of the most frequent recruitment problems we hear about, as well as strategies for overcoming them to improve your hiring efficiency:

  1. Finding The Right Candidates

If you’ve ever attempted to find the perfect applicant in a diverse pool of unqualified candidates, you realize how restricted your choices are. You’ll choose the best individual you can find at the moment, but not necessarily the best fit for the position.

But it’s not always about the number of applicants; in many cases, the ideal approach is to recruit the right individuals. This is possible by choosing from a smaller pool of highly competent prospects.

  1. Engaging Competent Candidates
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Recruiters often regularly contact good prospects, making it difficult for your email to stand out.

Furthermore, applicants with difficult-to-find skills often evaluate several job offers at the same time. You’ll have to go above to persuade passive candidates to choose your business over your rivals.

  1. Fast Hiring

Hiring teams focus on filling job positions as quickly as possible since unfilled positions cost money as well as create delays in operations. Making recruitment, however, may take many months depending on your sector, placing strain on recruiters as well as frustrating recruiting teams.

A lack of competent applicants can specifically result in a lengthy hiring process. The recruiting process may be excessively lengthy or hiring teams may be unable to reach an agreement, causing the best applicants to seek employment elsewhere.

  1. Making Use Of Data-Driven Recruitment

Companies can utilize recruitment data as well as metrics to enhance their hiring process and make better choices.

However, gathering and analyzing data may be a time-consuming task. Spreadsheets are one great way to keep track of hiring data, but they involve manual labor, are prone to human mistakes, as well as being inflexible.

This makes it difficult to properly monitor data and trends. Hiring teams need methods for collecting as well as organizing data in a streamlined and effective manner.

  1. Building A Powerful Employer Brand

You can recruit as well as engage better candidates with a strong employer brand. Employer branding makes it three times more likely for a company to make a good quality hiring.

However, it’s a lengthy process that involves everything from guaranteeing a good applicant experience to promoting your company’s culture on social media.

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It’s a long-term and collaborative endeavor that needs you to take time away from your regular responsibilities as well as secure buy-in from your colleagues.


I hope, now you have a clear idea about the challenges and growth of the marketing recruitment agencies in India.

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