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Chatbot For Business: Why Is It Gaining Popularity These Days?

Chatbots solutions have been adopted by many business owners and have shown many promising results. If the bot can be used to its fullest potential, then it can replace human resources, and they can be used to optimise other aspects of the business.

A chatbot is an application that is operated automatically. It helps to respond to customer messages and burning questions. You may have come across the free Facebook chatbot. Aside from appointing a chatbot solution provider, you can also create a chatbot builder on your own.

Chatbots vs. Live Chat: Know the difference

The key difference between a chatbot and live chat is that live chat focuses on human customer assistance, while chatbots skip the requirement of human customer service. Both human customer service and chatbot solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, if your business needs to face complex questions from customers and have the required budget for live customer service, no doubt the live chat can be a suitable option for your business. But, if you seek to improve your marketing budget, appointing a chatbot solution provider can save you from spending excessive money. Chatbots are mainly designed to answer short FAQ-type questions like tracking a package or scheduling an appointment.

Social Sharing Made Easy

Chatbot integration services are treated as social app. For instance, it becomes easy to share it with friends with millions of users connected with Facebook. Whether you want to share a chatbot in a single thread or a group chat, with the launch of new version messengers, it is quite easy now. It is an excellent way to reach a larger audience, and thus you can uniquely resolve the problem.

Chatbot for Business

Do you know any social platform other than Facebook that offers huge user data? Probably not. It is recommended to predict user expectations and analyses targeted user data before developing a product or service. This is done to know which customers are interacting with your bot and helps to identify the purpose of using your bot. Consequently, it will be easy for you to provide the necessary service for your customer via automated chatbot integration services.

There is no reason to get rid of Facebook messenger. Almost everyone who has an account on Facebook shares their information with friends via the messenger app.  With the new updates, the audience gets motivated to engage with Facebook. This is the reason why IM is doing well in the market. A messenger bot will help you to attract billions of users across the globe. When you know how chatbots help you connect with billions of users, you can predict how your business will expand.

According to Facebook reports, the messenger has over a billion users each day. Due to its huge active users, this messaging app stays ahead of other similar messaging applications. As a general rule, the more the messaging app’s popularity, the more likely you will be able to provide service to your targeted population. Therefore a messenger chatbot is a must if you want to increase the number of active users daily.

Are Bots Can Meet Your Needs?

Negative customer experience is common while making a conversation over the phone, so it is important to check whether chatbots can meet customer demands. While having a natural conversation, people may get frustrated, use slang, sarcasm, and switch between languages. Many chatbots applications cannot build a customised conversation, which is why Facebook messenger has over 40 per cent success rate and can provide the required feedback to the customers. In contrast, chatbots are being rapidly optimised so that they can understand natural language well.


There are many things to consider when it is a question of incorporating chatbots as a business tool. In order to enhance the quality, business owners must be able to comprehend the customer and organisational needs before they implement chatbot technology. But as you march ahead, there are a lot of decisions to make. Although they have not been considered a necessary service, it is quite valuable across many enterprises. Chatbots have the potential to learn the human-like language and can help to streamline the business process.



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