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Choose Gremsy T7: The Next Level of Powerful Industrial Gimbal

The new powerful Gremsy T7 boasting a bespoke design and powerful motor, features HDMI quick release and new I/O design, and the capability to start up in just two seconds. However, it’s solid and clean design allow durability and ease of set up with adequate cameras up to 7 lbs.

It goes without saying Gremsy T7 is the next level of heavy lifting gimbal for a wide variety of industrial applications. With a large camera cage and it has the ability to carry up to 7 lbs, the T7 expands the range of compatible cameras, as well as capable of loading multiple specialized sensors at once.

If you are looking for a powerful and capable industrial gimbal for your next level drone application, then Gremsy T7 is here to improve the power of your system. It’s time to say goodbye to complex setups and time-consuming process in your drone application. The T7 provides an easy one step plug and play installation which takes only five seconds to complete.

The best thing is – its intuitive hardware interface combining with ports has relocated on QR to interface with multiple devices as quickly as possible, such as third party flight controller, remote control, auxiliary I/O and power your ideal system of accessories and/or cameras.

Heated and Temperature Control IMU

The next best thing is – it has built with excellent heated and temperature controlled IMU sensor with advanced six point calibration which not only allows reliable performance even in extreme weather condition but also helps maintain the temperature within 0.2 degrees C accuracy.

Built Specially for High Exposure Aerial Work

The T7 Gremsy has a lot of nice features that would be amazed of. Users will be happy to apply the features not only for aerial inspection as well as mapping but also for high-end aerial cinematography that sometimes many users look for. Let’s see the mechanical components of this excellent gimbal.

  • HDMI hyper quick release
  • Pan motor and pan adjustment
  • Roll motor and gimbal controller
  • Roll adjustment
  • Tilt motor and tilt top bar
  • Camera plate
  • Tilt front-back and tilt vertical adjustment
  • Camera top cross bar

Gremsy T7: High Performance Gimbal Controller

The motion controller of Gremsy T7 is designed and built by Gremsy based on a 32 bit high performance ARM microprocessor providing you fast and stable response and accurate calculation. The sensor data as well as motors correction are up as fast as 2000 times per second to enable unbelievably smooth footage. It is absolutely handy with no exterior wires and giving it a more solid feel. This clean design helps the T7 Gremsy overcome wind resistance with ease to bring out the very best quality video footage whilst staying agile.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a powerful gimbal that can make your multiple camera mounting with ease then you should go for Gremsy T7. In actuality, the T7 is engineered to enable mounting the second camera by adjoining an additional or extra camera slide so that it enables you to take initiative in your setup and carry the mission s in your own way out as smooth as possible.

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