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Choosing the Best Hospital for Cardiac Care in Kolkata

The heart is an essential element in the body. It is responsible for the smooth functioning of blood in our bodies. What if it stops functioning? Yes, it will create unrest in your health. However, we must take care of our hearts. Besides, the changing habits and unhealthy lifestyle caused many health problems. Therefore cardiac care includes all the treatment, diagnosing procedures, and a team of professionals. Cardiac care makes sure that you get the proper treatment. It is a service provided for heart care. 

If you are wondering about getting a consultation and treatment, then Amri Hospital Kolkata has dedicated cardiac care. The cardiac care at the hospital is well equipped with the desired medical facilities. 

Generally, cardiac care consists of acute care, admission process, ambulatory care and best rest care. Besides amputation, care is also being offered at the hospital. 


Why Amri Hospital Kolkata?

Amri Hospital Kolkata is a multispeciality hospital located in Dhakuria, Kolkata. It is one of the leading healthcare providers in the eastern part of India. The hospital has state-of-the-art infrastructure and is available 24/7. Besides, the hospital has well-trained health experts who tackle emergency cases. In addition to this, they have a dedicated team of professionals for cardiac care. Cardiac care includes cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, and other respective health experts. 

The Amri Hospital Kolkata has a provision for medical tools and equipment. Besides, they offer the best treatment with the latest technology. It is backed by upgraded robotic technologies to treat people and save lives. 


Best Cardiac Care Hospital 

Amri Hospital Kolkata has a dedicated department for the well-being of the heart. It is one of the leading cardiac care centers in Kolkata. The department of cardiac care flaunts its skills through the best cardiologists who are globally recognized. The doctors can handle emergency cases and medical operations. 

Besides, their strength lies in the upgraded technologies. They follow the strict quality standards of medical treatment. In addition to this, the department is backed by cardiac emergencies. Cardiac emergency has ambulatory facilities. It makes sure to receive patients from their location and gets admitted in critical cases. 

Yet, the doctors make sure that patients are given undivided attention. Cardiac care has advanced digital cath labs. Cath labs are helpful to take care of coronary intervention and diagnostic procedures. 


Therapeutic Services for Cardiac care

Therapeutic services are offered for heart patients. It is helpful for the well-being of their health. The service ensures the progress of heart rates and blockage. However, this outstanding facility is offered only at the hospital. Some of the therapeutic services include:

  • All kinds of angioplasty
  • Balloon mitral valvotomy
  • Permanent pacemaker implantation
  • ElectroPhysiology study with RF Ablation
  • ICD and CRT Implantation
  • Angioplasty including cerebral palsy
  • Limb artery angioplasty
  • Pericardial fluid aspiration

This therapy has a great potential to improve heart failure. In addition, in some conditions, the therapy can improve the condition when the heart has a defect.


Cardiothoracic Surgery Treatment

Not all conditions are improved through medications or drug therapy. In some cases, patients might need cardiac surgery. Cardiothoracic vascular surgery is beneficial to treat pediatric heart conditions. Besides, a cardiac surgeon is an expert who performs the surgery and operations. 

  • The doctor performs vascular surgery with advanced cardiac ITU and OTs
  • It has an emergency and elective vascular surgery of blood vessels.
  • They also treat conditions related to adult or pediatric heart problems.
  • Preventive cardiology measures are followed to cater the heart problems. 
  • During the treatment, the patient has to run a stress echo test and tilt table test. 
  • MR angioplasty procedure is offered at the hospital.
  • The treatment for renal and carotid angioplasty is provided. 

Therefore Amri hospital has a proficient department for cardiac care. It is well equipped and upgraded with the latest technology and medical tools. 


It is essential to look after our health. Besides, the genuine concern is related to the heart. Thus when it is about the heart, we must look into the depth of the problem. Therefore it is beneficial to do a health checkup once in a while. However, a health check-up helps in monitoring the conditions of the heart. In addition to this, it also saves you from future complications. The doctors at Amri Hospital Kolkata follow global standards for the treatment. In case if you want to get treatment, then get a consultation with the cardiologist. Cardiac care at the hospital has a proficient cardiologist. 

The doctors may ask you to run a few tests to diagnose the condition and defect of the heart. However, taking the tests will be beneficial as it monitors the condition of heart disease. 


How Credihealth helps you?

Amri Hospital Kolkata is a healthcare partner with Credihealth. Therefore we help you to get a consultation with the cardiologist. The hospital has a highly qualified heart specialist. If you are looking for a second opinion for your treatment, then book an appointment. Credihealth-p offers a flexible platform for the well-being of the patients. In case you are suffering from a health problem, book a video consultation. Call on +91 8010-994-994 to get the best medical facilities at your fingertips. 



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