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Choosing the best hospital for Spine Surgery Treatment in Pune

Sudden pain in the back. In addition, it is repeatedly occurring in day-to-day life. Not only it breaks your routine, but it also leaves you in discomfort. You may wonder what can be the solution for this. Even after you visit the health expert and they predict you need immediate treatment. However, it is natural it can be discomforting. Besides, spine surgery might seem to be a new concept for you. Yet, the spine is a vertebral column known as the backbone or spine, part of the axial skeleton.

The spine helps you to sit, stand, walk, twist, and bend. However, some of the spinal cord can be damaged due to prolonged seating at one place. Besides, there are various surgery treatments available at Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital Pune

Why Aditya Birla Hospital?

Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital is a renowned healthcare provider in the medical sector. The hospital has a capacity of 500 beds and offers dynamic medical facilities. Besides, the hospital follows a state-of-the-art infrastructure. Beyond this, it is technologically updated. Additionally, the doctors are always available around the clock.

Furthermore, they are well trained to handle emergencies. Apart from medical treatment, the hospital is keen on its surgical process. Aditya Birla Hospital has a dedicated team of surgeons for various conditions. 

Then comes spine surgery; the hospital is well equipped with the best medical techniques and machines. This healthcare provider is globally recognized. Thus one of the best hospitals in the country. 

Prominent health experts for Spine Surgery –

Spine surgery can be a new concept for you. However, it is always beneficial when you are informed. Thus Aditya Birla Hospital has dedicated health experts who perform surgery. The role of the contribution of the health expert

  • Orthopedic Surgeon: The orthopedic surgeon is the doctor who specializes in bone, joints, and muscles. If you wonder who will perform your surgery, then the orthopedic surgeon is the right doctor. 
  • Neurosurgeon: A neurosurgeon is a doctor who specializes in surgical procedures of the nervous system, including central and peripheral nervous systems. However, a neurosurgeon and an orthopedic surgeon both are suitable for the surgery. Thus Aditya Birla Hospital has the best surgeon in the country. 
  • Superior nurse: The hospital has trained nurses who assist brilliantly during the surgery. They contribute to the well-being of the patient throughout the procedure. 
  • Anesthesiologist: In some cases, patients are given anesthesia to lower their pain. Therefore the hospital also has an anesthesiologist during the treatment. 
  • Other medical assistance: The team is dedicated to providing the best facility. Besides, catering to the well-being of the patient. 

Conditions for Spine surgery –

In major cases, patients are not able to absorb the concept of disease or surgery. However, there are various conditions involved in spine surgery that decides whether you need medication or surgery. The conditions are as follow:

  • Nerve injury:  Nerve injury usually includes numbness, weakness, and pain in the nerves. Nerves transmit sensation to the part of the body.
  • Spinal stenosis: Spinal stenosis is the condition where spinal nerves narrow and become compressed. 
  • Osteoporosis: It is a condition in which bone strength weakens, and a fracture occurs. Further, it can happen in the hip, wrist and spine. 
  • Spinal cord injuries: Spinal cord injuries include physical damage in normal factors, sensory and autonomic function. 
  • Spine tumor: A spinal tumor is the growth of the cancerous cells which causes a tumor in the spinal cord. 
  • Spine infection: Spinal infection can be caused due to poor nutrition and immune suppression.
  • Birth Defect: In some cases, the newborn baby has birth defects in the central or peripheral nervous system. Then doctors recommend spine surgery. 
  • Back pain: Back pain is one of the major reasons for spine surgery. It is when the pain becomes severe and occurs repeatedly. 

Therefore the neurosurgeon and orthopedic surgeons will examine the condition and symptoms. Further, the team of doctors at Aditya Birla Hospital will provide the treatment plan. 

Non-surgical Treatment –

Aditya Birla Hospital Pune also offers non-surgical treatment in some cases. It is a conservative practice and may depend on the condition of the patient. However, non-surgical treatment includes:

  • Minimally invasive spinal surgery

MIS surgery is a traditional practice where the surgery is treated openly. In other words, an open surgery. Further, it entails the opening of the spinal part and a long incision. However, it doesn’t involve the long opening and has a fewer risk factors.

  • Imaging process

The imaging process involves computerized captured images of the internal organs. It helps in detecting the affected areas in the spinal cord. The neurosurgeons use computerized tomography for the treatment. 

  • Pain medication 

Pain medication acts as the drug therapy during the treatment. In some cases, the patient doesn’t need surgery. Thus the doctor prescribes certain medicine which initiates the healing procedure. 


The general symptoms of spine disease are totally visible. Long hours of work and immobility during the entire day cause back pain. Back pain is the prime reason for health problems in the spine. Furthermore, it becomes unavoidable pain and becomes severe. Therefore it is necessary to do a thorough examination of the spine. It is good to take a break in between. Further, move a little in the working space or home. 

 It is beneficial to do a routine check-up once in a while. It helps in monitoring your health problems. 


How Credihealth helps you –

Aditya Birla Hospital is the healthcare partner with Credihealth. Therefore we provide medical assistance to you. We help you to get a consultation with the doctors from the hospitals. Who will guide you and provide the best medical treatment? A spinal injury can be severe if not treated on time. However, it is important to follow the necessary medication prescribed by the doctor. You can call on +91 8010-994-994 and book an appointment. Besides, you can book a second opinion and video consultation.



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