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Considerations For Buying The Best Quality Folding Table Tennis Table!

Have you been exploring the market in search of the best table tennis table? The market is flooded with a plethora of variety and design choices to choose from. Different brands have launched the types of table tennis tables with varied qualities and prices so that the customers can buy according to their budget. However, if you are wondering how to pick the best folding table tennis table, keep reading through to learn more.

What are the considerations while buying a table tennis table?


If you are expecting a lot of traffic or players, it is essential to opt for a 1-inch thick top of the table. Compared to the exceptional bounce of 1-inch thick tables, 0.75-inch wide table tennis tables give a smaller bounce. If you ask a professional player who usually plays on the commercial tables in the stadiums, they will always prefer a 1-inch thick top to get the stadium feel. 1-inch thick top tables are used in tournaments, which is why it is essential to practice on them, especially if you are aiming to compete on higher levels. Furthermore, professionals do not even care about the brand or the price until they get a 1-inch thick top table to practice. 

If you have a tight budget, you can opt for 12mm or 16mm thick tables. However, 18mm, 22mm, 25mm thicknesses offer greater bounce and are used for professional purposes.

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 2. Portability

While exploring the different types of table tennis tables, it is essential for you to determine if you will keep the table at one place or you will frequently be shifting it. If you are going to be packing and moving a lot, it is advisable to go for something that is foldable and easy to set up when need be. Folding table tennis tables are the eBay options considering their high portability. They can easily be handled by a single person for moving them around. 

3. Table Net

Whether for professional or regular use, it is recommended to choose the table net with attachments. The soft covering attachments can grip the table tennis table tightly without scratching the surface. You can also prefer to use net clamps but be sure not to drag the net clamp while putting the net or taking it off; otherwise, the surface can get spoiled.

Table net sometimes comes complimentary with the table tennis table, and other times individuals have to buy them separately. However, the net can be affixed with the table permanently or using the screw clamps(preferable if you fold and unfold the table often).

How to identify if a folding table tennis table is the best for you?

The thickness of the folding table tennis table is one of the key deciding factors when it comes to checking the quality of the table. Although the thicknesses range from 12mm to 25mm, the highest thickness holds the best quality. If you are not short on budget, go for a 22mm or 25mm thick table tennis table to experience a high bounce of the ball.

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Connect with a reputable manufacturer of premium quality table tennis tables to receive the best quality products. 


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