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Difference Between Seamless And ERW Stainless Steel Pipe

Seamless Pipe

A seamless pipe is a form of pipe that is widely used throughout the world. 

Seamless pipes are far more durable than other types of pipes. 

The procedure of making a seamless pipe is lengthy and complicated, but it all ends in the creation of outstanding pipes. 

These pipes begin as a long, thick rod of any metal that is heated and softened, then a mandrel is bored through the rod, hollowing it out. The pipe is then continually cooled by spraying water on it and rolled to get a flawless circular shape.

Because seamless pipes are built from a single piece of metal, they are significantly stronger and better at preventing leaks and corrosion, depending on the type of material used to make them.

Seamless pipe is available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 50mm to 500mm or even 1 meter in diameter. The thickness of the pipes is important because it prevents leaking. To ensure optimum performance, the surface is extensively examined after production. Seamless pipe is much desired for every application in the world because of all of these traits and properties.

ERW Stainless Steel Pipe

Electrical Resistance Welding Pipe is abbreviated as ERW Pipe. Metal coils are used to make ERW pipes, which are subsequently leveled and shaped into pipes. The High-Frequency Induction technique is used to weld these pipes longitudinally. To avoid any pipe defect, the ERW pipe is thoroughly welded. Because the alloy is outstanding in terms of characteristics and qualities, the ERW pipe manufactured of stainless steel is a brilliant choice. Even though this pipe is welded, it is still ideal for all types of applications. To prevent leakage, the pipe is thicker than usual. The strength of welded pipes is determined by the welding done on them. 

The pipe can withstand more pressure if the welding is done properly.

Difference between both the pipes

Seamless pipes, as the title indicates, are pipes that are created without the need for a weld seam. Welded pipes, on the other hand, have a longitudinal weld seam on their surface. Aside from the manner of construction, each type of pipe has a different pressure capacity, cost, and use.

Because it is a continuous segment of metal, a seamless pipe is universally chosen. This pipe will not split under pressure, but because the welded pipe is welded longitudinally, there is a potential that it would leak. To counteract this, the pipe thickness is increased and welding is done properly to avoid any mishaps. Because of the alloy, the ERW pipe manufactured of stainless steel is now naturally stronger. The advantages of alloy are conveyed to the pipe, which then functions perfectly.


Both pipes can be used in the same way. 

Seamless Steel pipes are largely used as petroleum geographical penetrating pipes, petrochemical industry breaking tubes, evaporator pipes, bearing pipes, and high-precision basic steel pipes for autos, tractors, and aircraft. 

ERW pipe is used for water, gas, and welded steel pipes, as well as transfer fluid and gas. 

The ERW pipe is utilized based on its dimensions and quality; for example, if the thickness is greater and the quality is good, it may be used.




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