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Does Your Preston Child Care Include These Activities?

Intellectual growth & healthy nourishment are necessary doses for the child’s growth. Every daycare in Preston assures the welfare & overall development of kids. However, parents don’t make a decision so quickly when it’s about their child. They ensure that daycare provides interactive programs for academic & social learning. Plus, boost their child to discover secret talents. In this article, you will learn six key activities that the daycare must have in their program. Have a look at below:

Arts & Crafts

The primary activities which are crucial for mental, social, and emotional development must be a part of the daycare schedules. Arts and crafts help young ones to work with art tools and improve their skills. Do you know art boosts the self-confidence of a child? Yes, as the child experiments with new ways to draw and build crafts, the confidence increases over time. 

Messy Play

Messy play helps toddlers to strengthen their creative abilities. It allows every kid to know their capabilities and provides the opportunity to pour, mix, squeeze and squelch materials. This they can’t have in their routine. Thus, help a child to explore all sorts of possibilities by experimenting with new things. 

Outdoor Play

Outdoor games give kids a chance to explore adventures and a fun environment. Physical health improved by playing outdoor games such as football, jumping, running, etc. Moreover, children breathe fresh air, and sunlight exposure promotes vitamin D. Plus, playing outdoors also helps them to know their behaviour towards things and people. Generally, children with less outdoor activities are grown up with rude or arrogant attitudes. Find out the best day nurseries in the UK which offer excellent outdoor games & activities. 

Quiet Time Activities

Quiet time activities are also essential as it gives children a chance to relax. Here they might be involved in some simple exercises which require less effort. Moreover, quiet time is a crucial part of growth and development amongst small kids. This quiet time allows kids to build independence, to understand themselves and strengthen confidence. If they aren’t used, then they end up feeling monotonous quickly. Quiet time activities can include simple crafts, listening to music, reading, chatting with friends, etc. 


If the daycare doesn’t offer puzzles, then I must doubt how your child will improve memory. Many experts said that puzzles are an essential means to enhance the brain functioning of children. It gives the chance to develop critical skills. As puzzles contain a lot of imagination & thinking, it helps children make their brain cells stronger. 

Problem Solving Activities

Small kids have great capturing power; their brain functioning is faster than adults. Providing problem-solving activities pushes up their thinking. They grow with their intelligent minds. There are many perks of participating in problem-solving activities- enhancing self-image, ability to face any odds, development of confidence and courage, and much more. 

Closing Thoughts 

Choosing the right daycare makes a big difference in a child’s life. Ensure these 6 basic yet imperative activities are part of your Preston child care programs. 



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