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Efficient Multi-Boot and Drive Partition Management with BootIt Collection

TeraByte Unlimited has come out with their latest multi-boot management software called BootIt. You can get the BootIt UEFI and the BootIt Bare Metal versions independently or together as a collection that allows easy use for both legacy bios and the newer UEFI system standards found on most PCs and laptops sold in stores.

The BootIt Collection allows the user to install and operate dual boot systems with different OS packages. You will be empowered to partition and create disk images for whatever use you may have, including modifying existing partitions and moving partitions to new drives or other computers. The simple, easy-to-use interface cuts out the bloatware often found in third-party applications making the booth manager incredibly useful for users of every experience level. You can edit boot configuration data (BCD) and delete partitions that are no longer used to save space on your drives. This is especially useful for workflows that include a need to easily copy partitions separated from other processes and then communicate that data with other departments.

The real advantage of the BootIt Collection is the ability to work with computers from older, current, and newer generations. This is highly useful for IT departments and consultants that have to frequently switch between models when managing their resources. The collection of multi-boot tools is meant to run on any system using Windows or with Linux builds.

The mouse-driven GUI allows operators the complete versatility of advanced partition controls, including safe resizing, converting, creating, copying, moving, deleting, and undeleting hard drives. The undeleting tool is especially important for the safe recovery and use of files that may have become corrupt or lost over time. Being able to quickly undelete that partition allows the user to harvest information using standard data recovery tools.

BootIt includes support for over 200 primary partitions and total control of their loading sequence. You will be able to secure and customize your partitions using user IDs and custom passwords to avoid any unwanted access from your team or unwanted infiltrations. This allows you to manage full backups of whatever data you’d like on partitions you want to be separated from the normal boot process.

This is an instrumental boot manager program for users accessing multiple operating systems on the same machine using dual boot, or multi-boot processes. Many IT fields require quick switching between Windows and Linux-based builds for different software applications. Using BootIt will give you an easy method of flipping back and forth whenever your work demands an adaptation.

If you are looking for full control of your native bios boot sequencing and all your partition needs, you cannot go wrong with the powerful BootIt Collection from TeraByte Unlimited. You can check out the software package by downloading a 30-day free trial at https://www.terabyteunlimited.com/bootit-collection.htm and putting it through its paces.



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