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EMF Protection Devices – An Effective EMF Protection Device

There are a number of theories about how magnetic therapy works in the human body to induce energy and pain relief. New testimonials are added every day from people who have discovered the many benefits of magnetotherapy.

Magnetic therapy is said to help increase circulation. What does increased circulation have to do with health? Circulation affects everything in the body. As you might remember from high school, the circulatory system is the system that has a network of veins, arteries, and capillaries that carry blood and deoxygenated blood to and from every organ and orifice in the body.

When circulation is restricted to an area, it means that a particular organ or tissue is not getting enough oxygenated blood and cannot quickly flush its waste products out of the area. Therefore, waste accumulates.

For example, let’s say your garbage needs to be picked up every Tuesday (7-day cycle), but your garbage company had to lay off some employees and there are now fewer people to serve your area, so your garbage are picked up every Tuesday to Friday (10 day cycle). At that point, your trash is piling up and you’re wondering what’s going on and why it’s taking so long and your neighborhood starts to stink.

Something similar happens with your tissues and organs. Waste products from cellular metabolism and nutrients from food take time to be picked up and deposited. When circulation is inefficient and slow, disease occurs. Therefore, an increase in circulation is necessary to jump-start a healthy body.

So, does magnetic therapy work to increase circulation? Professor Thomas Skalak showed in a recent study that magnetic therapy could increase blood flow and reduce swelling in rats’ paws swollen by inflammation.

However, there are other theories as to why many people feel better after being introduced to a magnetic field.

It is a well-known fact that the Earth is surrounded by a huge magnetic field and has its own heartbeat. This heartbeat is called the Schumann resonance. This is a frequency wave found in the earth’s atmosphere. About 30 years ago, Herbert Konig discovered that the human brain vibrates at the same frequency as the Earth. Is it just a coincidence? With all my heart, I would say “NO!”

Many electromagnetic therapy devices emit a frequency or pulse that affects the human body. There’s a reason why when you sit in front of the TV or computer for too long, you feel groggy and listless. These electronic devices also block the healthy Schumann resonance waves naturally present in the earth’s atmosphere.

Another reason why magnets affect the human body could be because the pineal gland has been found to be affected by electromagnetism. The pineal gland affects many pain conditions, including but not limited to migraines. The theory is that by introducing a magnetic field into the pineal gland, the magnetic field stimulates the gland to produce or inhibit melatonin, serotonin, and several enzymes important in pain management.

This theory holds that magnetic therapy (using permanent magnets) prevents the buildup of cholinesterase, an enzyme in nerve endings that tends to inactivate acetylcholine, a chemical essential for pain control.

This theory called ionization attempts to explain how magnetotherapy works in the human body.

According to the principle of physics called the Hall effect, Lonny J. Brown PhD. explains that positively and negatively charged ions in the blood become activated and produce heat when they pass through a magnetic field.

There are many theories about how magnetic therapy works in the human body to relieve pain and induce that pleasant feeling you get when you feel better.



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