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Burnham boiler parts

Essential Burnham Boiler Parts You Should Have on Shelf

Using combustible fuel, a commercial boiler heats water under pressure. Some boilers deliver hot water directly, while others use water that has been converted into steam. Radiators and other types of heaters in your business property get hot water or steam through pipes and keep the areas warm and comfortable for your employees and customers.

Commercial boilers typically utilize natural gas as a fuel, although alternative fuels, such as fuel oil, biofuel, or electric coils, can also be used. This article will discuss commercial Burnham boiler parts in detail.

Boiler heat exchangers transfer heat from the burner to the system’s water supply. Because it does not come into direct contact with water, a heat exchanger is used to transfer heat from one source to another. It’s like bringing water to a boil in a saucepan.


The boiler’s burner is where the fuel and air create heat. The boiler acts as a heat exchanger for the hot combustion gases. To provide clean and effective combustion, the boiler’s combustion air supply must be maintained in excellent operating condition. A lack of sufficient air will prevent complete combustion, while an abundance of air will result in excessive exhaust gas leakage.


The safety valve is located on the drum. This Burnham boiler part protects the boiler from exploding because of excessive pressure. Two is the most common number. When the pressure within the boiler exceeds a preset level, the safety valve shuts off the steam.


Water temperature, air, and fuel supply mixes, internal pressure, and ignition may all be adjusted via the system controls. The controls determine how often the burner burns, the quality of the combination of fuel and oxygen, the pace at which the fuel is used, and the temperature of the water. The boiler’s safety system also includes the controls.

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A boiler’s internal pressures, water temperature, and overall system operation are regulated by the boiler’s system controls, which may be extremely dangerous if they get out of control due to high-pressure steam.

Because the fluid is constantly in liquid form, deaerators and condensers are only needed for steam boiler systems, not hot water or hot oil boilers. Despite their similar structure, these Burnham boiler parts are employed for distinct reasons, as their names imply.

Stack for Exhaust

Wasted fuel is securely expelled from the structure using the exhaust stack (also known as the chimney or flue). An exhaust stack might be a system of metal pipes or a typical brick chimney. To keep harmful gases like carbon monoxide from entering your home, the exhaust stack must be designed appropriately to keep it away from windows and doors. They should not be built in such a way that allows downdrafts of solid winds to re-enter your business.


Maintaining your boiler regularly is the most cost-effective approach to keep it running smoothly. Inspectors are needed to guarantee that the Burnham boiler parts are in excellent working order and will not break down. Boilers contain highly pressurized steam and boiling water, making it imperative that every component is clean and functioning correctly and that all safety measures be functional.


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