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Ethnic Clothing Style Secrets Revealed!

You can never doubt the unbeatable challenge of ethnic wear. It makes you look sophisticated, trendy and comfortable at the same time. You can glam up your personality in any kind of ethnic attire for a party, or make yourself fit casually for work and even try being extremely comfortable in ethnic wear at home. However, we bet you still aren’t aware of these secrets to slaying in ethnic wear, are you? We thought not! Then, here are those for you below.

  • Select your material carefully – The entire grace and presentation of ethnic wear depend upon the fabric it’s created on. You cannot expect a saree to fall graciously on a fabric that is too stiff, and a Punjabi suit won’t look attractive if the material is just not up to the mark. So, ensure you are double checking the material before investing in ethnic wear of any type.
  • Remember the fittings – Any kind of attire makes you look attractive only if they fit you perfectly. This fact is emphasised more in ethnic style clothing. A baggy Punjabi suit or misfitting lehenga looks weird on your body, while a figure-hugging fit always makes the design and attire appear better.
  • Be very specific about colours and prints – When the absolute beauty of a dress is going to depend on the hues and the designs, why consider it a secondary factor? Remember, the patterns and prints on ethnic wear hold significant importance on how well you carry it. So, select the one that looks good to the eyes and would appear even more appealing on wearing.
  • Ethnic wear can double up as a fusion style, too – Today, fusion styles are trending. That actually means the grand combo of ethnic and western styles. Such styled clothes look even more charming and create a dazzling effect on the onlookers. Don’t believe us? Try wearing an ethnic kurti on denim and slay your casual events daily. Wear a sheer crop top with a saree and see how sexy and smart you look. And yes, you can even match a t-shirt on a Patiala bottom and create havoc in the fashion world, flaunting the fusion fashion.
  • Ethnics is more about layers – You will agree with us; ethnic styles play with layers as no other style does! For example, in the sarees, we all know the layers of fabrics that go in the pleats. This glam up your fashionable appearance even more! Then you have a Punjabi suit that can layered patterns on the top that instantly transforms the dress into designer wear. You even view these layers on the lehenga you wear and the dupattas that always complement these ethnic wear clothing.

So far, you can do with these many surprises about slaying wearing the ethnic fashion. There can be more like the sleeve pattern and the length of the top being the game changers in the style or the right fusion of different materials bringing about the best results and so on. As far as you know, the art of carrying the ethnic fashion with proper confidence and grace, you will always look perfect in it no matter what style or design you pick.



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