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Follow these 7 yoga poses for glowing skin and physical beauty

Yoga for beauty: Who does not want shining beauty! Glowing skin and a beautiful physique are the centers of attraction for everyone. Many young men and women are worried about having a good body shape and glowing skin. Most of them want to make themselves look beautiful with cosmetic items and other chemical products, but in reality, they all prove to be fake. Side effects begin to appear after a short period of use of these chemical products. Nail acne, dark circles under the eyes, lifeless skin, and the aging effect are some of the reasons that can make you look dull and unsightly. The asanas of yoga purify the blood and also eliminates the effect of pollution on the skin. While doing yoga, there are exercises of many parts of the body, which prove to be helpful in shaping the body parts.

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Yoga for Beauty:

By adopting the easy steps of yoga, a naturally curvy and beautiful physique can be found. Only natural remedies prove to be effective for natural beauty. Therefore, here we have told about 7 major yoga asanas for beauty, adopting which you can make naturally glowing skin and curvy body.

Major 7 Yogas for Beauty:-

1. Elimination of wrinkles with Bakasan

Bakasana literally means “heron-like posture”. By doing this yoga asana, the wrinkles on the face end. Along with this, due to the stress on the navel, all 72000 Nadis are affected. To do the asana, first of all, sit down and keep the paws of both hands on the ground. Now slowly make full balance and put the entire weight of the body on the hands.

Slowly rise up and touch the knees by the side of the armpits. Now slowly keep the heels down from the buttocks. Move the head down a bit so that both the head and the heels are in the same position.

While doing this asana, breathing (inhalation and exhalation) should be kept the same and should be done for at least 5 to 15 seconds.

2. Curvy and attractive body obtained from Padangusthasana

If you want to make four moons in the personality by making the buttocks, waist, spine, abdomen, and chest all attractive, then definitely adopt this asana. This is a very beneficial yoga asana in increasing physical beauty and reducing obesity.

To do Padangusthasana, first of all, stand in Tadasana. Keep a gap of about 1 foot between both feet. Now slowly while exhaling, bend forward and hold the toes of your feet with both your hands. While holding the thumb with your hands, make sure that both your palms are facing each other. First, keep the head and waist straight, then touch the head with the knees so that there is some tension on the toes. In this position of yoga, one should stay for 10 seconds and then slowly come back to the former position.

3. Padmasana

Increases the glow of the face and makes the seeker young. Padmasana removes all kinds of physical and mental defects, only then it has been called the yoga that bestows all siddhis. By its practice, mental disorders such as anxiety, anger, and restlessness are destroyed, as well as beneficial for the stomach and chest.

You sit with your feet straight in front of you and now place the toes of the left foot on the thigh of the right foot and the toes of the right foot on the thigh of the left foot, now touch the knees of both feet to the ground and keep the waist straight. Place the hands on both knees, then slowly take them near the navel and touch it with the navel. Stay in this state for some time, let the breathing go normal.

4. Surya Namaskar for Complete Beauty

Those women who want to make their body beautiful, curvy and strong, they must adopt this asana. Doing Surya Namaskar gives a glowing body like the sun. It eliminates all the diseases of the body and makes the seeker as energetic and brilliant as the sun.

To do Suryanamaskar, first of all, in the posture of prayer, join both the legs and stand in the east direction. Now raise both the hands up and tilt the head and trunk as far back as possible. Stay in this position for some time, now while bending forward, touch the head with the knee while touching the toes of both the hands next to the feet and exhale as much as possible. Now after coming to the original position, move the left leg as far back as you can, paying attention that at this time keeping the toes of the right foot firmly fixed in its place, bend the claws. Touch both the hands to the ground and keep them in an upright position. Now come back to the previous prayer posture.

5. Boat Operation

Boat steering is beneficial to make the body slim and attractive. The practice of this asana gives good exercise to the shoulders, waist, abdomen, spine, and legs. Therefore, the disorders associated with them are also removed.

Boat operation is the same as the boat rower does, that’s why it is named boat operation. To do this action, first of all, sit in Sukhasan and spread the legs towards the front. Now do the action like driving a boat by going back and forth with your hands.


This yoga asana creates a stretch on the muscles of the face, throat, and abdomen. Due to which the skin of the face, throat, and stomach gets glowing. Along with this, abdominal disorders eliminate the excess fat of the buttocks and abdomen.

To do the asana, first of all, sit in Vajrasana. After this, standing on the knees, slowly bending back, hold the toes of the feet with both your hands. Keep your head tilted backward. Stay in this position for 5 to 10 seconds or as long as possible. Slowly come back to the undone position. Do this at least 5 times.

7. Suryabhedi Pranayama increases the glow of the face

This pranayama increases the radiance and radiance on the face. Those whose face has lost its radiance and natural radiance must adopt it. Suryabhedi Pranayama also has other health benefits. It strengthens the digestive system, removes skin disorders, and eliminates facial wrinkles. It is also beneficial in the sinus and low blood pressure.

To do Suryabhedi Pranayama, first sit in Sukhasan. Now close the left nostril and inhale through the right nostril. Pay attention that at this time deep and long breath should be taken in. Now close the nose and do Kumbhaka for some time. After exhaling as much as possible, slowly exhale through the left nostril. In this way one cycle is completed. At least 10 cycles must be done.




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