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Gabriel Kuhn – Murder, Age, Birthday, Net Worth, Wiki, And Biography

The most popular murder cases of the present is Gabriel Kuhn, who was killed in 2007. The death of his friend shocked millions all over the world because of the gravity of the incident and the way in which he had been executed in the hands of Daniel Patry.

This blog we’re going to discuss Gabriel Kuhn, a kid who was killed in 2007. We have all the information that is available through the web.

Who Was Gabriel Kuhn?

Gabriel Kuhn, who was only 12 years old when he died was born in the year the year 1995, in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil. He was killed in 2007 by Daniel Patry, a 16-year-old in 2007. The reports suggest that Daniel Patry was brutally killed by the teenager, who was mentally ill and had a long history of violence, however instead of providing him with assistance his parents didn’t do anything to help him and let the teenager to become violent.

Why Was Gabriel Kuhn Killed?

Daniel Patry, the killer was known for his long-running history of violent confrontations. He was reportedly a violent bully to Gabriel Kuhn and eventually killed him after robbing him. According to reports, Kuhn was unable to return $1.75 which he borrowed to purchase coins for Tibia which is an online game. In the end, he refused to return his money back Daniel returned to his home, beat him up, sexually assaulted his body and cut off his torso. This killed Kuhn.

How Long Was Prison Time? Was Daniel Patry Get?

When he was detained by police, Daniel Patry was sentenced to serve a period of around 3 months in an juvenile facility according to the police. However there were many who believed that the length in time it took him to serve for the crime was committed was not enough and ought to have been extended due to the seriousness of the crimes was committed by him.

Where is Daniel Patry Right Now?

At the moment, nobody knows the location of Daniel Patry is.

It is well-known the fact that Daniel has been freed from juvenile detention facility in the year 2010. Following his release, the boy became a rogue and never was found. The boy’s parents have also relocated and there are disappeared from any social network platforms.

Local news media in Brazil tried to locate him , but he was nowhere to be seen. If you are able to locate him, or obtain any information regarding where he’s at and what he’s doing, do notify us so that we can update the blog as soon as possible.

What was the reason Daniel Patry Kill Gabriel Kuhn?

According to reports from the official media about the incident involving Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn, the 12-year old boy was killed after being beaten and tortured by Patry 16, who was harrassed and tortured for more than one month. The incident took place at Blumenau, Brazil and the main reason for the brutal murder was due to of a game called Tibia.

The investigators of the case claimed that the child of 12 had taken money from him. When he didn’t pay back the cash, the boy chose to be brutal to him for a month. Then, he beat him then raped him and killed him by cutting off his chest. The boy went through thirty days of pain before he was murdered by a then 16-year-old.

The authorities also discovered that Patry handed over $1.75 USD in cash to Kuhn and when he refused to repay his money made a decision to do a horrible thing to the kid.

Have His Parents Ask for Medical Treatment for his violent Conduct?

Initial investigations showed that parents of Daniel Patry tried to get him to see a therapist and even scheduled him for sessions, but the child never received medical assistance to manage his anger issues. Instead it was his decision to keep things as they were. He was also known locally for his retaliation against children and being violent constantly.

Are Daniel Patry Out Of Prison?

It’s true, Daniel Patry is currency from prison.

According to reports from the official, Patry was released from the juvenile prison in Brazil three years after being ordered to remain in it. This signifies that the prisoner was released in the year 2010. When he was released from prison it was unclear as to where he was or what he’s currently doing.


Please remember that the purpose of this article is to inform users of the internet about what actually occurred in the incident of 2007. We do not have any affiliation with Gabriel or any other person, and the primary goal in this post is to inform online users on what actually happened. If we’ve put incorrect information, please inform us so that we can rectify the information immediately.

Are you convinced that we missed any important information concerning Gabriel Kuhn? Tell us what you think we didn’t know about his character by leaving a comment in the section of comments below!



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