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Here’s Why Your Eyes Feel Dry & How to Cure The Symptoms?

Eyes are well lubricated with tears, mucus, and certain oils, so you don’t feel any friction when you blink. Some people complain of feeling dryness in their eyes. When there aren’t enough tears to nourish the eye, it becomes dry. Tears help to remove foreign debris from the eye and minimize the risk of infection. Irritation, excessive watering, blurred vision, and the sensation of foreign matter in the eyes are all signs of dry eyes. Following are some common reasons why you might be experiencing dryness in your eyes and how a simple heated eye mask can help you deal with it. 


Dry eyes are a widespread problem that can happen to anyone. But it is mainly seen in people above 50 years of age as it can be prevented at that age. The tear production after a certain age declines. The use of artificial tears can provide extra lubrication to the eyes and prevent dryness. You need to use the drops on a regular basis. 

Increased screen time

People who sit in front of the screen all day suffer headaches and eye strain. In addition, staring at a screen for a long duration hampers your tear production and causes dry eyes. People tend to blink less while using a screen, and tears tend to evaporate quickly. So, you must often blink to prevent dry eyes. 

Vitamin A deficiency

Some of the most well-known eye problems are related to the deficiency of vitamin A. vitamin A is an essential vitamin responsible for healthy eyesight. In extreme cases, not getting enough of it can cause dying corneas or complete blindness. However, these extreme conditions begin with dry eyes. The eye’s inability to produce enough tears is one of the first symptoms of Vitamin A deficiency. Most young kids in southeast Asia and Africa have low vitamin A in their diet; hence they are most at risk of developing dry eye syndrome. According to the studies, a high amount of vitamin A in the body decreases the occurrence of dry eyes by 63 percent. Keep a check on your vitamin A intake to prevent this condition. 

Wind/ smoke exposure

There are around 7,000 compounds in cigarette smoke. They irritate and harm your eyes in a variety of ways. Dry eye is twice as common in smokers as it is in non-smokers. Your eyelids coat your eye with a protective film of tears every time you blink. Dust and dirt are kept out. However, chemicals in smoke can cause this layer to disintegrate. Your eyes become irritated if you don’t have enough tears to cushion them. Smoking appears to alter the content of your tears as well. More symptoms may result as a result of this.

Mild dehydration

When more water leaves your body, the body’s initial response is to save the amount of fluid still in the body. To save tears, the body shows certain symptoms like being thirsty, dry mouth, muscle cramps, decreased urine output, and lack of tear production. The reduced tear production leads to dry eye syndrome. Rehydrating by drinking enough water is the best treatment for the dry eye if it is a symptom of dehydration. By lubricating the eye and wiping away foreign debris, eye drops can help ease the symptoms.

How do dry eye masks help?

Heated eye masks for dry eyes are used to improve the condition of dryness, redness, irritation. The gel inside the mask provides hydration to the eyes and locks the tears inside. 

These are some common reasons why you might be feeling dryness in your eye. Use a dry eye mask to cure it. 



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