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How do I restore a sage 50 backup file?

Why is Restore Company Sage 50 bad? How should I restore a Company Archive report to be used as a live association record? Regardless, your request made me curious and I started testing a touch. I had the choice to get an anal of the model association to open as a typical association. Assuming that you have an exceptionally old reinforcement of Sage 50 which are debased and you neglected to reestablish, interface Sage 50 Live Chat Support group for specialists help. It furthermore depends upon you having a perfect copy of the company.dat record. Use this procedure simply if you have the same other options. Inside it you’ll find an envelope named Archives. However, this is absolutely untested and unsupported. I entered a few trades and it seemed to work, but I have done no other testing and know practically nothing regarding what the somewhat long repercussions might be. The Company File Check and Repair works in two modes Basic and Advanced Both modes kill demolished records, but the Advanced check moreover disposes of any abandoned archives it distinguishes.

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Reestablish a Sage Backup

  • This article strolls you through how to reestablish a Sage record from reinforcement
  • Click File, then, at that point, select Restore.
  • In the Restore Wizard – Select a Backup File window, click Browse to choose the reinforcement you wish to reestablish, and afterward click Open, lastly click Next.

In the Select Company window you might have two choices. Select the proper choice:

An Existing Company will overwrite any information in the organization you have chosen. This is a possibly risky activity and isn’t suggested except if you are sure that you needn’t bother with the information in the objective organization.

  • A New Company will make another organization as it reestablishes your reinforcement.
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 In the Restore Options window you should choose which documents you wish to reestablish:

  • Organization Data will reestablish every one of you organization’s information.
  • Tweaked Forms will reestablish any structures that you have redone.
  • Web Transactions will reestablish data from our Web Services.
  • Business Intelligence Reports will reestablish any custom Business Intelligence Reports (this choice is just accessible in variants 2012 and 2103).

The Confirmation page will show you the reinforcement document it is reestablishing from in the From box, and where it is reestablishing the organization to in the To Once you have affirmed this data click Finish.

When the organization has completed the process of reestablishing it will naturally open. Whenever you have opened the organization, affirm that it is the right data you were expecting to reestablish

Note: If you are uncertain assuming you have Customized Forms, Web Transactions, or Business Intelligence reports, choosing those things won’t cause hurt while reestablishing, in case there isn’t anything that should be reestablished from those spaces.



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