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How to choose the best heart hospital in Pune for cardiac issues?

Noncommunicable illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and respiratory disorders are on the rise in developing nations worldwide at alarming rates. Heart disease, on the other hand, has had a particularly significant impact on India’s population. This rise necessitates attention and effort to alleviate the burden of heart disease on India’s people. The buildings, infrastructure, and medical staff associated with a medical institution are crucial factors determining the institution’s overall strength and effectiveness. Moreover, one of the most beneficial aspects for a patient is to know whether the hospital is affiliated with some of the city’s top physicians or not. When a patient with cardiac disease is brought to any hospital, they first require essential treatment for their illness. However, they also need physical and mental support from the caring staff to feel better and recover more quickly.

When choosing a hospital in Pune for cardiac or heart-related issues, it is essential to evaluate what kind of heart issues are taken care of in that hospital. This knowledge should include diagnosis and treatment facilities for various conditions like angina, valvular heart disease, rhythm disorder, coronary artery disease, congenital cardiac disease, heart failure, and more similar ailments related to cardiac issues. The preferred hospital that you choose for cardiac care must also have all facilities like imaging, testing, radiology, cardiology, etc., under a single roof so that the patient doesn’t need to run unnecessarily here and there to ascertain their conditions. Following are the Few factors that can help you to choose the best cardiac or heart hospital in Pune –


Advanced treatment availability – Cardiology hospitals that ensure advanced technology and minimally invasive treatment are preferred among patients as they benefit from ineffective treatment and excellent health outcomes. A team of heart specialists and surgeons at Aditya Birla hospital provides modern methods for heart therapy to relieve symptoms and improve quality of life. They will also handle slow disease progression, reduce the need for emergency room visits and hospitalization, and assist patients in living a healthier and longer life.

Top-notch Diagnosis facility – Again, when opting for a heart hospital in Pune for cardiac issues, one of the key features to look at is the hospital infrastructure. Ensure the hospital you choose comes with a state-of-the-art Cath Lab or diagnostic facility for all kinds of visual imaging tests of the patients and that too at the earliest timeframe possible. Aditya Birla Memorial hospital is a leading hospital in Pune for Coronary Artery Stenting and Laser Angioplasty.

Skilled health professionals – In the event that you are looking for a cardiac hospital in Pune, one of the first facilities that spring to mind is Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital Pune. With its world-class and cutting-edge infrastructure, as well as a team of reputable and experienced physicians and support personnel, you can be confident that you are in the hands of the most extraordinary institution in the area.

Critical care unit – One of the most important departments of a hospital or healthcare institution is the intensive care unit (ICU). It is also known as an intense therapy unit (ITU), intensive treatment unit (ITU), or critical care unit (CCU). It is responsible for providing intensive care medication to patients and adds so much value to the life of seriously or critically ill patients. In the care of critically sick patients, Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, the multi-super specialty hospital, is regarded as a national center of expertise. When it comes to human disease at its most severe, critical care medicine covers the diagnosis and treatment of a wide array of clinical issues that fall into this category. Patients who are critically sick require intense care provided by a skilled team of intensive care consultants.

The Cardiac Sciences Department of Aditya Birla Hospital is a comprehensive Cardiac Care center staffed with the greatest clinical personnel available. The team is fully trained with paramedical and nursing personnel, skilled technicians, and state-of-the-art equipment. It consists of a highly qualified and experienced team of consultants with competence in managing simple to complicated situations. The Modular CTVS OT, the high-end ICCU, the most up-to-date and sophisticated Cath Lab, and the most advanced diagnostic equipment (ECG, ECHO, TMT HOLTER) offer doctors the greatest precision level, especially when executing various types of complicated cardiac operations. 

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