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How To Find The Perfect Engagement Ring For your Bae?

Engagement ring might not be everything, but it sure is something to put on a thought. Sure its expensive and your spouse would want to flaunt it everywhere. Spending so much to end up getting an ordinary ring would be the last thing you would want, righ? Well, whether its a moissanite ring that you are eyeing on or it’s all confusing for you right now, we are here to help you with some steps that you should follow to make an ideal choice. 

De brainwash yourself

First of all is the most important thing to do even before you step out of the house. De-brainwash yourself. Your engagement is around the corner, sure people must have thrown tons of opinions and ideas at you. Every person has a different choice and idea, maybe some will even share personal experience. All of them are right in their own way, but their opinion can affect your decision and confuse you. To make the right decision, strat with your own research. 

Usually our brain is fed with things like diamonds are forever, engagement rings should be made of original diamond. Don’t fall for it, you can check out other precious stones as well. 

Select your type

When you have a clear mind, now you will take a better look at the variety of rings. Don’t get scared, but there are a plethora  of engagement rings waiting for you. You need to select your type. For that, consider four factors. 

  • Day-in-day-out-wearable. It must be practical in order for her to wear it whenever and wherever she wants. A low-set, or a high one, big stone or a small one, fit this condition.
  • Durable. It has to last at least as long as our relationship.
  • Dazzling. Women want their engagement ring to be distinct from the rest of her jewellery. You can get a custom engagement ring to ensure uniqueness. 
  • Descriptive. The ring should tell a tale, which is significant enough to warrant its own category.

Be flexible

When you want to choose the ideal ring for your spouse, you have to be flexible. Once you have successfully de- brainwashed yourself, now, you should select your own criteria of what all you are looking for in a ring. There are so many band materials, stone shapes, stone types and what not. You have to select all of them according to your spouse’s taste. But, when you successfully make a decision, you may not be able to get the same exact ring or shape. Don’t be rigid, try to be flexible. You may be getting a better option. 

Consider the budget

Get an idea of your budget. It’s very important so you don’t waste your time or fall for an expensive one. If you have shortlisted everything mentioned above and the dream ring does not fit your budget, figure out how to get what you want. Suppose you can switch the natural diamond with a moissanite or lab created diamond wedding bands

Hope this information helps you choose the perfect engagement ring. 



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