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How To Use Hand Blown Glass Pipes For Beginners

Glass pipes are both functional and stylish to design smoking devices that are appealing and useful. They are available in many styles and colours, from basic to most creative faces, and provide the consumers with an extensive range of smoking experiences. 

Among the wide variety of smoking pipes, hand-blown glass pipes have a more facilitated design than glass tubes. The designers create smoking pipes with chemical formulas that are used to create colourful designs that we do not usually imagine to be developed using glass. The hand pipes are available in various colours that even change while using. Some pipes are made from elite glass pieces like gemstones, while others are made using small pieces of glass. 

What are glass pipes? 

Glass pipes are used to smoke tobacco for herbs. Unlike wood and clay pipes, these pipes do not change the flavour of the smoke. However, with the increasing range of more complex and new varieties of herbs and tobacco coming into the market, new incredible sources of popular pipes have come up. These oil burner pipes separate the smoke flavours and provide pure smoking experiences. 

If you are new to using glass pipes, the chances are that you are using them the wrong way. Glass pipes are available in different types offering different smoking experiences. They have distinct features and smoking methods. Read our overview of using glass pipes appropriately. If you are looking for perfect glass pipe usage, read the guide below to know. 

Choosing the right pipe

If you are newly introduced to glass pipes, you might be looking for a simple spoon style ( an advanced level of chillum style) but less complicated than bubblers or steamrollers. The spoon style comes with a bow and a carburetor and is widely chosen among smokers everywhere. (Carburetor is a hole that prevents the smoke from getting stale). 


Packing a bowl needs you to break up the cannabis so that it burns evenly. You should never smoke any herb before breaking it up. Some try to pull the herbs apart using their hands, which can cause the loss of herbs. However, using a grinder can give finer and even results. Ensure to pack the bowl firmly at the top and lightly at the bottom to have a pleasant smoking experience. Use the right-sized glass oil burner pipe and fill the bowl according to the number of people smoking it. 


When using a spoon-style pipe, use the hole by the side of the bowl to plug it. Then lit a tiny portion of the herb so that you get to enjoy the green hit too. You can use different lighting methods and inhaling techniques as you become more used to it and learn how bong attachments work. 

Summing up

As long as it feels pleasant, you are not smoking it the wrong way. But if you are skeptical about the usage of hand-blown glass pipes, try your hands with the most basic smoking techniques. After you learn more about pipes and bongs, you can explore more methods. 

As you become more expert, you might want to switch to water pipes and other complicated smoking devices. Every different type has its own benefits and methods you’ll get to know after exploring the options.



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