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How to write a historical novel?

A historical novel is a novel that takes as a backdrop an episode or period of history, essay writer service in which events and / or real characters are usually interwoven.

Are you a writer and love history? The historical novel is for you!

Be careful: this genre requires great rigor to be credible.

Here are some tips to help you write the historical novel of your dreams!

1- Document yourself

Any novel requires research and the historical genre in particular, so as not to create glaring anachronisms as to places, characters and events.

The sources are multiple: books, photographs, story works, films, Interest, not to mention newspapers. Research is pleasant preparatory work, which arouses your curiosity and enriches your knowledge.

You have to know the way of life of your characters: their clothes, their way of being and even their way of speaking should have no secrets from you. Even more difficult, online essay writer you have to follow their train of thought.

Immerse yourself in the past and its differences with the contemporary world.

What were the customs and beliefs then? Where was science at? Historical events are the backdrop for this literary genre.

Referring to existing events or places allows the reader to have a faster representation of situations, requiring less detail.

However, it will be necessary to be precise in the context because, it would be disastrous to provide inaccurate information.

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2- The characters

Your characters can be real or imagined. If your novel features real characters, be sure to find photos, portraits or descriptions to get as close as possible to the known characteristics of these historical figures.

Referring to historical figures requires developing your sense of portraiture.

3- Use your imagination

This research is the starting point for writing, but don’t overload your text with thousands of references! Your readers should understand you. Reading too many unfamiliar terms, for example, can make them uninterested. Remember you are writing a historical book. A good dose of imagination is still necessary!

You must insist on the details, because they are the fruit of your research, but also of your imagination.

They are the key to your novel. Indeed, the details shine a light on your work and transport readers to your world.

They too must see, feel, hear what your characters perceive and immerse themselves in your novel.

4- Locate the places

After your research on the time, you need to know what the place you want to evoke looked like.

We can take the example of Sanjida O’Connell, writer and journalist, who traveled to Saint-Simon Island on the Atlantic coast of the United States to write her novel Sugar Island .

Why not do like this author? It’s summer ! Take the opportunity to travel and discover historical places likely to be represented in your novel or which can fill your imagination.

If you can’t get around, Buy essay online don’t panic, you can use the internet to improve your descriptions!

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And you, when are you going to start writing a historical novel?

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