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Important Things to Know Before Joining Defence exam Coaching Center


Are you aiming to enter the Indian Defence forces and serve your motherland? Well, it’s quite easy to join the forces by qualifying exams like AFCAT, CDS, NDA etc. Jobs in the defence forces aren’t only lucrative but it helps you earn a distinct respect in society. The growing youth of India is jingoistic and yearns to serve and safeguard the country by rendering their selfless services. It’s all because of the active participation of youth that Indian Defence forces have blossomed as one of the strongest forces in the world. Even the most pernicious enemies have succumbed before the soldiers of India. Now, the defence forces of India are known as the largest volunteer force in the world.


Every year youngsters go through hard core preparation with the intention to  qualify defence exams in one fell swoop. Cracking any defence exam is a strenuous task, but an organized study routine can help you achieve the impossible goals. The craze for joining the defence forces is to such an extent that many students aim to enter it just after clearing their higher secondary school. They fulfil their dream by clearing the NDA exam. While some prepare for exams by relying on self study and others choose to join the coaching institute. If you are searching for a platform that can deliver you splendid guidance for the exam, join a brilliant institute that provides the Best NDA coaching in Chandigarh.

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Ruthless competition in the defence exams have made everyone go through staunch preparation of the exam. To win this race, maximum candidates choose to join the coaching institute for effective preparation.

Here are some valuable points that’ll help you separate wheat from the chaff while choosing the best defence exam coaching institute:

This clearly states that coaching institutes perform a major role while studying for the defence exam. So, choose the most prestigious institute to prepare for any defence exam.

  • Institution’s eminence

Ask your friends and family, whether they have ever heard about the institution they are choosing? What is the genuine opinion they have about it? You can also ask old students of the institute to get honest reviews regarding how to teach or how they help while preparing for the defence exam. You can also go through the official website of the institution to fetch scrupulous details. 

  • Capability of teaching faculty

Teaching faculty is the backbone of every coaching institution. Before joining the coaching institute, ask them about education qualification and experience of teachers they have hired. Go for a coaching institute that has teaching faculty bearing at least three years of experience. A well experienced teacher will be well versed with the latest exam pattern and syllabus of the defence exam and teaches accordingly. Moreover, an experienced teacher perfectly knows the type of questions in the exam and their difficulty level. 

  • Batch structure and timing

The other most significant to be noticed is how a coaching institute conducts classes? Check the size of the batch, a batch must hold a minimum number of students as it will help teachers in giving personal attention to each and every student. You need to check the batch timings as well. Generally a good coaching institute designs time slots of batches from 7 am in the morning to 7 pm in the evening. This helps working candidates to choose a time slot of batch that is convenient to them. 

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There are numerous graduates who long to join the Indian Air forces. They can accomplish their goal by qualifying the AFCAT exam. While searching for a genuine platform for splendid guidance, they can choose to join the most esteemable AFCAT coaching institute in Chandigarh. 

  • Infrastructure

While choosing a coaching institute, remember why are you joining the coaching institute for the defence exam preparation? You obviously join it for hassle-free preparation. So, make sure that the institution you will choose has a captivating and warm infrastructure that will help you focus better. A good coaching institution will have a canteen that will provide refreshment to the students. You need to check whether the class rooms are well furnished or not. 

  • Demo lectures

Every institution’s admission counselors will boast that their coaching institute is the best and helps you score well for the exam. Don’t fall in the trap of sweet talk they weave. Remember one thing that nothing can beat first hand experience. Check whether they allow you to sit in some of their lectures to observe the way they teach. While attending demo classes, you can check how they deliver knowledge. Most of the coaching institutes use smart classes as it helps in facilitating active learning. It will also help you speak to the students in the class and ask them their experience. 

  • Mock tests

Every coaching institute assesses the performance of the students by conducting weekly mock tests. These mock tests will help you scrutinize your performance for further improvements. The best part of solving the mock tests is that it will help you simulate the exam experience. As a result, it will make you more confident about appearing in the exam. Additionally, it will help you in increasing your speed and accuracy of solving questions in the exam. 

  • Fee structure

Know about the fee structure of the coaching institute. Almost every coaching institute has the same fee structure, what makes the difference is the rate of discount they provide and mode of payment. Generally, a good coaching institute will allow you to pay a fee in installments. Moreover, check whether you’ll get the facilities according to the fee they are charging or not.

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Are you preparing for the CDS exam? If yes, approach a leading institute that caters superb CDS coaching in Chandigarh


So, after going through the points written above it will be quite clear to you what basic things you need to focus on while choosing a coaching institute. It is advisable not to shun self-study and completely get dependent on the coaching institute. Join a coaching institute for help and guidance but adhere to a proper self-study routine as well. 

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