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Invest In The Best Gel Top Coats To Secure Your Gel Polish For A Longer Period!

Are you considering investing in a gel manicure kit to cut the cost associated with manicures at the salon? Before you go ahead with your at-home gel manicure kit, you understand how to apply each coat for long-lasting results. The two major gel nail coats contained in a manicure kit are a top coat and a base coat. Individuals who are unaware of the difference between both end up spoiling the whole manicure process. Keep reading through to know the benefits of using a gel top coat after completing your manicure for securing the gel nails. 

What actually are gel topcoats?

The gel top coats are a primary item contained in a gel manicure kit. It is used to impart an elegant finish to your gel nails, making them look shiny and flawless. Not that it is some secret weapon but a necessary step while doing a home gel manicure. 

After applying your color gel polish over the base coat, you must always seal your nails with the best gel top coats. Using the top coats on your gel polish helps prevent chips and cracks to your newly manicured nails. Simply end your gel manicure by applying a top coat and secure your gel nails under a UV nail lamp for a long-lasting experience.

Gel Polish

What is the difference between a topcoat and a base coat?

In earlier times, women used to use their gel polish straight away without using a base coat or gel coat. However, after learning the numerous advantages of nail coats, they have started using them to cure their polish for a longer period. Both the base coat and top coat are designed to serve different purposes. Let us understand the advantages of base coat and gel coat individually:

Base Coat

As the name suggests, the base coat is applied before applying the gel nail polish. As the darker colored gel polish can stain your nails and make them look pale and dull, using the base coat helps to retain the original color of the nail polish. The base coat is known to create a barrier between your nails and the gel nail polish to prevent any allergic reaction.  

In addition, it allows the gel nail paint to spread evenly by providing a smooth base, helping the gel polish stick better, and making it durable. The base coat for gel nail polish fills the ridges and smoothes out the nail bed for applying the gel nail polish. 

Top Coat 

The topcoats for gel nail polish are usually applied over the dried nail polish. It helps to give a glossy shine and create a barrier surface, preventing chipping of the nail polish. Even the cheap gel nail polish retains its texture by securing it with a topcoat. The shine and luster offered by topcoats make your manicure look smoother and stay fresh for a long time.

Invest in a superior quality gel polish topcoat for enhancing your home gel manicure experience!




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