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Key Things To Remember While Making A Responsive Web Design

Mobile devices have become increasingly famous in the last few years, and with that, so are responsive web design services. Nowadays, almost everyone uses a mobile device. However, no two phones are the same. While blackberry has a kind of form factor, dimensions, and resolution, an iPhone will have something else.

This further makes it important that you build a website that is compatible with all. Practically, that is not possible. With each year witnessing a new development in the tech field, there is no possible way for you to keep up with all such inventions. However, without proper implementation, you might be losing out on traffic, in turn, potential customers, and this is not at all acceptable.

This is where responsive website design comes in. Responsive web design essentially refers to the approach that says that the design and development should respond to a user’s behaviour and their environment, mainly the screen size, orientation, and platform use.

The practice mainly consists of a mix of malleable layouts and grids, use of CSS media queries and images.  As a user switches from their iPad to a Windows laptop, the websites should be able to automatically accommodate the switch in resolution, scripting abilities, and image size without the interference of the user.

The developer will also have to keep in mind the settings used by the user. For instance, if they use a VPN on their tablet, the website should not block their access to the page on other devices.

In simpler terms, the website should be capable of automatically responding to the changes and user preferences. This can further help omit the necessity for a separate design and development phase for the website with every new launch in the gadget market.

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Keep Factors to Consider When Building a Responsive Website

Before you indulge in building a responsive web design, there are quite a few things you should take into considerations. Some of the most common and main ones are further mentioned here.

  • Consider The User Experience:

Just converting a desktop website into its mobile version is not enough to make a capable, responsive website. Most efficient responsive web design services take into account the user’s everyday experience as well. Therefore, how they interact with the website and what kind of content they are actually searching for on the mobile device are important things to keep in mind.

  • Don’t Follow A Particular Mobile Model:

One of the most common mistakes developers make while designing a responsive is always choosing the latest mobile device to make their website around. However, that should not be the way you choose.

Instead of focusing on the latest gadget development in the industry, you should pay attention to the contents of the website. The main question you should ask yourself is how the elements and layout will work on the desktop and then adapt to each other on a mobile device.

  • Flexible Images:

This is one of the more important things you should be concerned about while designing a responsive website. The main concern here is thinking about how the image will scale on both devices.

Since a desktop screen will always be larger than a mobile screen, you should be focused on how it will look on both. As far as the development goes, the code should allow the images to scale through a percentage value to the dimensions of the browser window on either device.

  • Make 3 Versions At Least:
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Whenever you indulge in making a responsive web design, you should at least make three variations depending on the browser dimensions. The most commonly used widths are under 600 px, 600-900 px, and more than 600 px.

Your content should be able to scale between these widths freely, or you can choose to keep three fixed layouts. Adding margins to 3 or more layouts is much easier to design as well as incorporate than fluid scaling. That being said, fluid scaling can offer you a better experience on more devices.

In Conclusion

With the information mentioned in this article, you are now better off implementing responsive web design for your online platform. However, it is always best to hire a reputed and reliable service like Neuronimbus for the same.

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