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Knowing Managed Siem As Service And Its Working

Data management and its cybersecurity have become a billion-dollar business right now because the online database space is rapidly expanding nowadays. It has opened the gates for SIEM as a service. The term SIEM represents security information and event management that covers real-time monitoring and analysis. Events are being tracked and logged for data auditing and compliance purposes. 

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is a group of SaaS technologies that provide real-time event monitoring and detection for potential threats. SIEM as a service provides a consolidated approach for automating threat detection and security log information update using real-time correlation and data log analysis technologies.

Why Do We Need SIEM 

Cyber security is becoming more of a worry as the possibility of valuable data breaches upsurges year after year. Even small and medium-sized businesses are realizing the importance of protecting their IT assets from external threats. Organizations can opt to set up SIEM tools or hire a third party to provide Managed SIEM services when it comes to implementing a SIEM tool. Setting up such a system in-house is not possible for every business because of its special expertise and huge budget requirement. 

How Does it Work

SIEM software gathers log and event data from devices, applications, infrastructure and networks in order to do analysis and provide a comprehensive perspective of an organization’s information technology.

SIEM solutions can be installed on-premises or in the cloud. SIEM solutions leverage statistical and rule correlations to produce actionable information during forensic investigations by analyzing all data in real-time. SIEM technology monitors all data, categorizing threat behaviour by risk level to assist security teams in quickly identifying malicious actors and mitigating cyberattacks.

Reasons to Opt For Outsourced SIEM Services

  • It reduces the overall deployment cost of the system. Establishing a robust infrastructure for this purpose along with credibility assurance is a big issue. Outsourced teams hold expertise in handling issues from office 365 monitoring to endpoints protection proficiently. 
  • Outsourcing means quick services deployment right from the time you make payments. They will already have a set of tools that can be customized according to every industry’s needs.
  • Professionals available at these agencies possess adequate prior experience in managed threat detection and response through XDR and MDR modules. 

After reading the above information, one thing is crystal clear outsourcing for SIEM as a service is a better approach than setting up in-house infrastructure. However, you need to be 100% sure about their credibility track record in the market before hiring. 



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