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Make A Lasting Impression On Valentine’s Day with The Best Fitted T-shirt For Men

Getting ready for your special date on the eve of valentine’s can be challenging. Your girl would be out shopping for Valentine’s day and will probably pick out something that will take your breath away. Don’t you want to make the same impression on her? If yes, ditch your classic look of shirt and pants and spice things up this time. Well, keep the basics like the best-fitted T-shirt for men and blue chinos, and we will tell you how to come up with stylish outfits with these basics. 

After work date

Wearing a suit is a beautiful choice if you are going on a more formal date or if you need to go to the office first and then on a date. If you don’t want to be too playful, a pink or blue suit with a white shirt will do the trick. But avoid going for sharp tailoring; your date should not feel like you are there for an interview. For that, you need to loosen up a little bit. Is it a little chilly outside? Change to a turtleneck and the pants, then add a plum or burgundy blazer and shoes. If you want casual Men Outfit Ideas for Valentine’s Day, read the post till the end. 

Dinner date 

As Valentine’s day falls on Monday this year, most couples will head out for a dinner date because, sadly, it’s a working day. But don’t worry, the dinner date will work in your favor as you get to curate an outfit masterfully. Nights call for more chic looks. If you are successful enough to get the reservations on such a busy night, you would want to match up the efforts when it comes to your outfit, right? Try a double-breasted jacket over a fitted T-shirt for men along with blue chinos. You can replace the t-shirt with a turtle neck as things can get a little cold at night. Complete the look with Chelsea boots or a pair of classic black derbies. 

A day date

Not everyone is working on Monday; some lucky people manage to take out time in the day to spend it with their love. Here is an outfit idea that you can try for your day date for those lucky people. Add a pop of color to your look by pairing a sultry total black ensemble with a plum-colored or crimson coat. Cropped jeans, a best fitted T-shirt for men, white sneakers, and a coat or jacket are all good choices. If it’s cold outside, it’s even better because you get to add more layers to your attire, such as a waistcoat or a sweater. If red is not your color, or you don’t have one, you can pick any color from the daily, dark or light. 

Choose the outfit depending upon the type of date you are planning. You can never go wrong with these outfit ideas. 






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