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Milk Cartons – Are They Recyclable Food Packaging?

If you are one of those food brands that focus on making the environment greener, milk cartons would be your best option. We know that most customers prefer to purchase milk in carton packaging these days. Thus, using this packaging not only will benefit your business. More than that, you could contribute more to the earth. How? Because milk cartons are recyclable and sustainable food packaging.

The Material to Make Cartons of Milk

Paperboard is the packaging material to make cartons of milk. This packaging material could benefit both the brand and customers. How? For customers, paperboard feels excellent to the touch and protects fingers from hot or cold substances.

Meanwhile, from the brand perspective, this material offers an appropriate surface for top-notch imprinting on the two sides. Most importantly, you could customize the design by adding a window shape or various highlights.

You could easily make eye-catching impacts with lamination, embossing, and hot-stamping. The microwaveable and cooler viable double material makes it easier to arrange small milk cartons with boundary properties.

This double-material design offers natural benefits. Since the paperboard supplies rigid nature and consistency, it would give maximum product safety.

What’s more, this material lowers carbon dioxide released during creation. Even better, you could easily get paperboard not only from a sustainable source such as wood fiber. Instead, it is also available in reused content. In addition, paperboard material on individual milk cartons totally blocks light transmission, which could degrade your fresh milk inside.

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What Are the Benefits?

The greatest benefit that milk cartons offer from another type of packaging is that they are lightweight. In fact, if we would estimate, milk cartons average around 6% packaging and 94% item by weight.

If we compare with other types of packaging like jars, they are around 13% of a complete load of an item. Meanwhile, the glass bottle is considerably heavier, relying on the thickness of the glass and the item it contains.

This simply means that it would be more affordable to send your fresh milk in this packaging. Far better, you could eventually reduce the production and delivery costs at the same time.

Another energy-saving part of this packaging is that the substance would not be refrigerated during the shipping journey, at the store, or at your home. In the end, this would help you moderate the energy.

Are Milk Cartons Recyclable?

This question about can you recycle milk cartons has been roaming around in the market, especially amongst those brands and customers who prefer to use green packaging. Well, the good news is, milk cartons of various kinds are recyclable. However, just the same as some other items, you need to find out whether they are in your city or town relies on the available local recyclable plants.

How to Recycle Milk Cartons?

Speaking of how to recycle milk cartons, there are some ways to do so. There are one or two different ways to recycle milk cartons you could do depending on the type of milk cartons you need to recycle.

  • Curbside
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In case you have curbside reusing of milk and other types of cartons, it would be easier. All you need to do is simply void the compartment, wash it out, and put it in your recycle container. No need to smash the compartment. In fact, in some spots, this really dials the recycling system back.

  • Send your packaging through mail

If you live in a place where these compartments aren’t recycled at the curbside, you might have the option to mail them in. Many companies have drop-off days when they gather these compartments and mail them in mass.

Before you would mail your small milk cartons, make sure you do the following steps.

  • Ensure the cartons are dry and empty. Keep the cap on and drive any straws into the cartons. You could also pound the cartons to save more space.
  • Address your individual milk cartons to the recycling location that is nearest to you. Make sure to include proper postage. Most importantly, don’t forget to label “cartons” on the front side of your package.

How Sustainable Are Milk Cartons?

You could find sustainability upgrades when using milk cartons. As we know that this packaging is basically out of paperboard, the sustainable substance is high. In this way, it is easy and practicable to create plastic segments of the packaging from renewable feedstocks.

Can You Reuse Milk Cartons?

This is another question about this packaging that needs a proper answer. Yes, you could generally reuse milk cartons if you would not have time to recycle them. There are various ways you could exploit their exceptional packaging benefits for events and artworks. You could reuse them for planters, storage containers, or maybe some DIY craft projects. However, after you use the cartons and they get worn out, you should recycle them.

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