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Motu Patalu Ki Jodi in 2022

Motu Patlu is an Indian animated Cartoon, one of the most famous caricatures on the Nickelodeon caricature Channel. The Cartoon had written by way of Niraj Vikram; the series has inspired by the traditional comedian strip on hotpot.

The Cartoon is commenced on October 16, 2012, the beginning with the episode” Jon Banega Don” this an incredible animated film is focuses on friends motu patalu ki jodi. They had been residing in future Nagar, but currently, they’re living in a fictional City it’s far, typically known as present-day metropolis.

Today I am going to percentage records approximately Motu Patlu Cartoons Online; from this article, you will be capable of examining the history of those cartoons, who made them and who are working on them, and many extras. 

This collection consists of humor, Sitcom, Farce, and Slapstick comedy. The founding father of this collection is Kripa Shankar Bhardwaj. Lot Pot developed them ( a comic magazine of India written in Hindi and its miles publish using Mayapuri Group, and the identity Lot pot changed into first registered with the aid of Mr. A P Bajaj in 12 months 1969).

Motu Patalu ki Jodi cartoons

And the first episode became John Banega Don. The complete tale of this vibrant collection revolves around buddies Motu and Patlu, and one among them was a few fats. 

The second one is susceptible comparatively than different, both of them is dwelling in fictitious town Furfuri Nagaria, the tune turned into composed via Sandesh Shandilya and this collection was produced with the contribution of several participants together with Deepa Sahi in addition to Arish Js Mehta and the identify track Motu Patlu Ki Jodi turned into sung by using Sukhwinder Singh, and the characters of those cartoons become created via Kripa Shankar from very well-known mag Lot Pot. 

After the achievement of episode one, the second turned into being posted, which changed into Snow Park and ended with PhotoShop. After accomplishing 2d consultation, the 1/3 one was introduced in 2014 with The Devil Toothpaste, and later on September 31 in 2015, Kabillion changed Hindi Voices with English. Gita Ram, Inspector chingam, Jhon and his partners, and lots more excellent. Anyways Motu likes samosa, and it is his favorite meal.

 He constantly makes an effort to scouse borrow samosas from Chaiwala, famous for incomplete City and his samosas; Motu continually creates several issues, and his paltry and clears them up. The fascinating factor about a fat man or woman is that he emerges as extra powerful each time he consumes samosas. The story of this series could be charming,  


In this series, the voice of Doctor Jhataka has adopted by Omi Sharma,

Renu sharda as Sabzi wala

Saugat Poodle has followed the voice of Hera Pheri.

Motu Patlu cartoons online

in addition to Patlu, has been dubbed, and it’s miles coming soon. Moreover you could Motu Patlu excellent animated film in Urdu story swimming pool.

You can watch many different episodes of this collection on kid’s cartoons. Pk, this story has observed with the aid of numerous people along with young boys and girls and kids, and you can watch many other episodes from this platform.

Main character’s


The essential characters of this Cartoon are Motu on( left hand) and Patlu on( proper hand)

Character Sketch

The primary characters are:


Motu is a plump guy who serves as one of the show’s central protagonists. He likes to devour samosa, which offers him strength. He has a hobby of gardening. His exceptional pal is patlu. You are continually looking for the most straightforward manner to earn money. Have totally a good deal of fun to devour quite a few samosas even if it approaches landing in a problem. He has likewise shown bragging approximately something he has in no way accomplished. 

But he is ideal helping all those helpless humans.  Especially John is cheating every time to Motu. He wears a crimson tunic with military blue, first-rate yellow pajamas, and footwear. His appearance had prompted via Dara Singh. By ingesting samosas, he receives astrology. He turns out to be a practical man and can combat anyone within the world like Chhota Bheem. He had depicted as extraordinarily frightened of mice. 


Patlu is a slender man who serves as one of the show’s valuable protagonists. You continually get in trouble alongside Motu. But patlu managed to help himself and motu when they had a problem.

Patlu constantly suggested to Motu that to be in the traditional music and dwelling a, fortunately, hazard unfastened life; however, patlu was continually pressured through motu into supporting him. He dislikes the samosa; however, he is interested in studying a newspaper. He also believed that his grandfather was a boxing champion and had a recipe for procuring extraordinary energy located by motu.

Patlu wears a yellow tunic with orange leggings and, brown body glasses, brown color shoes.

Dr. Jhatka:

Doctor jhatka turned into a scientist. He is dwelling like a Sardar Ji, so he refers to Punjab. He appears in the most episode and all movies. Also called naked bhaiya (with the aid of motu) jhatka. Dr jhatkas age is 45 years. 

Dr. Jhatka is a friendly and helpful individual who also is aware of English.  He is also intelligent and logical but no longer as much as Patlu. Though he is a great pal of Motu and Patlu, his bond of friendship isn’t always robust enough, and while motu patalu ki jodi in trouble with the law, he’ll no longer help them. Dr. Jhatka is likewise pretty religious as he applies “oppor wale” into many stuff he says. 

He additionally had Motu Patlu pray in “Pilot Training” once they had been in chance. He regularly forgets his vast inventory of things he consists of on vital missions and often receives beaten up through Motu, Patlu, Chingum, and Ghasitaram for this. Power of dr jhatka He makes gadgets that assist him in combatting enemies. His weak spot is that he can also fool every so often. In Duplicate Patlu, he beats his foolish patient due to their stupidity.

 Sometimes he tests his devices on Motu and Patlu without telling them any records approximately it and getting into issues due to it. Later he creates an antidote and uses it to cause them to every day. He frequently receives beaten by Motu and Patlu because of it.


He has twenty years revel in each field; however, only a few studies are beneficial to absolutely everyone. He wears a cobalt blue tunic, pink dhoti, dark brown vest, and shoes of a matching shade.


He is a police inspector Chingum manages to capture criminals simply by using good fortune with Motu and Patlu. He takes pleasure inside the reality that no crook can ever escape from him. When he fires his gun within the air after telling his dialogue, coconuts fall on his head and make him fall to the ground. Chum wears a khaki uniform with medals and a nametag on it.



It is a man who has a tea stall near motu’s house. He makes favorite samosas for Motu in the City and prefers tea for patlu. Moto eats the samosa of chaiwala and is no longer giving cash to him. 


He is a don of future Nagar. His plan is always to fail very severely. She is repeatedly arrested by way of inspector gingham. He is usually e cached through Motu and patlu on behalf of stolen financial institution money motu patalu ki jodi. He wears a blue get-dressed blouse with darkish blue flower prints, a yellow undershirt, brown belt, darkish periwinkle pants with blue cuffs, and brown shoes.

Number 1:

He likes John’s brief poems very plenty and appreciates John for his short poems. He has first-rate ideas to lure Motu patlu. 

Number 2:

He has a darkish mark on his eye and a band-aid on his giant nostril. He has darkish brown hair wears a cyan striped blouse, aquamarine ascot, and brownish-orange pants.


He is a motu neighbor who wears crimson gloves a white tank pinnacle. And purple paint with a vertical yellow stripe motu patalu ki jodi. He continually wants to assist his associates; however, he receives indignant and beats them up.

Minor characters Edit


He is the daddy of Chingum and the commissioner of police of the place comprising Furfuri Nagar and adjacent villages. They are  soon as got inspired with Motu and Patlu and even recruited them within the police as Havaldars, but while he realized that they had  not as successful as he had a concept, he was irritated with them fired them from the police.

Hera Singh:

 Hawaldar of Inspector Chingum. He usually tells Chingum, “Aap to top ho, Hindustan ki hop ho,” which means “You are India’s finest hope. “He usually feedbacks, “You are very incredible, sir, but born a little overdue, sir.”


She sells lovely greens in the complete Furfuri Nagar. Motu can be troublesome at times and owes her a little money.


He is the nephew of Motu; He wears an inexperienced T-blouse with purple paint pants.


He is a scientist; He usually invents something for John. Ingo back, he asks John for money, but John comes what may fool him and makes him run away. John uses his gadgets as an ordeal and puts Virus in hassle.

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