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Myths about Tights and Socks That You Shouldn’t Believe Anymore

There are many myths about socks and tights, as well as popular legends. If you believe them all, you will limit yourself and stay away from the fascinating world of socks. We come with some explanations and arguments and if more is needed, we offer you a few extra reasons to wear, anytime, in any combination, tights that are more or less feminine and elegant.

It’s time to stop believing any myth!

Are tights and stockings too uncomfortable to wear? Fake! 

It is one of the most widespread myths on this subject. Of course, you can’t necessarily say that the tights, the woolen socks womens you wear feel like you’re wearing nothing, like a layer of leather. The quality ones, however, offer you all the comfort you need to look good throughout their wear. It is important to choose something that suits you and especially to choose the right size.

The right size makes the biggest difference. Also pay attention to the brand, because the quality differs depending on the manufacturer, so maybe it would be better to orient yourself according to your needs (quality, size, durability)

They are uncomfortable if you choose a size that is too small, which causes the sock to suddenly stop below the waist, pull down and may embarrass you. If they are below the size you need, you will feel tight and may break at the top because the pressure on your thumb often thins the sock.

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Another situation that can lead to a not very comfortable condition is when the socks seem to sting you. Here we are talking about the composition and quality of materials used in their production. Try those with quality materials, made of microfiber or cashmere, skin-friendly. For those with sensitive skin, some materials can create some discomfort.

Pregnant women are not allowed to wear socks. False again! 

Ideas such as tights are tight or affect blood circulation are unfounded. The big niche manufacturers prove to us that there is no risk of wearing socks during pregnancy and this is demonstrated by the products specially created for pregnant women.

Returning to the need to choose the right size, during pregnancy we must take into account the body changes from month to month. After the first trimester, when the belly starts to be more prominent, the favorite tights can be chosen from the special range, dedicated to pregnant women.

Only those with a perfect figure can wear socks. Of course it’s false.

If we are talking about small tall women with thick legs, it is not a very good idea for them to wear ultra thin or thin socks. The effect could be to accentuate the shapes and the tights if they are not specially created for women with voluptuous shapes can break very easily. But opaque socks are ideal. Also, patterned socks can distract from small imperfections, such as cellulite on the feet.  After all, there is such a wide variety of socks that any woman can find something she likes. 

All socks break, especially on your fingertips

Of course you’ve suffered this at least once. The first thing to blame is the quality of what you buy and wear. Don’t forget that there are models with extra reinforcement.There are no seamless socks in the finger area. There are at most variants of ladies woolen socks online produced with great finesse so that the classic seam at the top is not too visible, or is under the fingers, not necessarily in front. These tights are especially sought after by people who wear cut-out shoes.

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