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Online Course Development- The Important Elements to Include

When curating an online course, developers need to consider certain criteria. It will ensure that the students get quality services. If you are considering an online course development, read the list of elements that must be included in the course. 

Constant presence of an instructor

An instructor plays an important role in engaging your students. You cannot leave the students alone on the path of learning after they have signed up for the course. An instructor who is consistently available to assist them can keep the students  motivated, inspired and supported. It will ensure that the students are on track and receive regular feedback on their performance. It is important during their learning stage. To enable such a track, LMSs offer instant messaging features, email and other facilities to make sure that the students and teachers are in constant touch with each other. 

A Well Designed LMS

Creating and selling online courses starts with creating an online platform that is easy to navigate. A well designed LMS means that the learning site is user-friendly and contains high quality material. The LMS should be able to distribute new study material everyday and send receive and grade assignments. A streamlined and well-designed LMS can make all these tasks hassle free and can easily add the features that are important for an e-learning platform.

Addition of your own sources  

Educator’s online invest a lot of time in researching, reading and getting involved with other online educators. In addition to this, if the educator’s share their personal experiences and curate important resources, it can provide huge support for learners and their learning goals. 

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Online tests and quizzes

Even though online courses do not have the advantage of physical presence, tests and quizzes still hold an importance. Even if they are performed online, they can make a huge impact on learners’ education. Tests and quizzes can help students to track their performance and let the educator’s know how much they are able to understand from the online courses. During online courses development, keep in mind that the LMS needs to have scheduled tests and quizzes to track the progress of the students. It will also help to assess the effectiveness of the curriculum. Additionally the students will also be able to improve their skills based on their performance. 


Summarising the weekly or monthly courses is the strategy towards success with e-learning. It is essential to help the learners summarise the major points of the lessons they have learnt in the past few weeks. It is also important for them to have a look at their key strategies and understanding. It helps in deeper learning. Creating and selling online courses does not only involve a management system that works well, it is also important to ensure that the ultimate goal is achieved too. 

Online courses and learning is an evolving method that needs patient teaching. Along with an efficient learning management system, online courses development should involve the elements that prioritise the engagement of learners. Developing everything from scratch can help bring out an effective online course. 


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