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Places To Enjoy Comedy Shows In San Francisco

The city of San Francisco and stand-up comedy have long been inseparable. City dwellers would be the first to admit that daily life is often comedic in nature.

Legend says that once upon a time, there were seven full-time comedy shows in San Francisco, one for each evening of the week. You’ll be pleased to hear that the comedy culture in this city is booming: We pushed over a few stones and found a handful of good comedy evenings that are ideal if you’re seeking to have your laughs while you’re here.

Club Waziema

As a bar and restaurant by day, Club Waziema is an excellent venue for amateur comedians to showcase their talents or test out their content in front of an enthusiastic audience. You won’t be worried about straining to listen or interrupting somebody’s set to have a refill on your drinks since the comedy room is adequately lighted and located far from the bar area.

Cheesecake Factory

Many individuals see this location for a variety of things. As a whole, it’s an excellent Haight St. bar. Even the most unlikely comedy fans will be converted into scene kids because of the abundance of bizarre, high-concept comedy shows in San Francisco. In the case of Jury Duty, which airs on Monday nights and features comedians arguing pointless arguments on the spot, comedy lawyers are a thing. The concerts at Milk Bar have a party vibe to them, and it’s almost as if they aren’t meant to be occurring at all. 

Cobb’s Laugh Factory

One of the most well-known comedy clubs in San Francisco, Cobb’s Comedy Club, was founded in 1982 in the North Beach district. Cobb’s, a 400-seat restaurant and bar, has hosted a steady stream of well-known comedians, including Louis C.K., Dave Chapelle, Dana Carvey, David Spade, and Jo Koy. San Francisco’s comedy culture is as part of the city’s history as Cobb’s. It can be more fun than theatre in San Francisco to enjoy the comedy scenes at Cobb’s. 

Secret Improv Society

Are you a fan of off-the-cuff humor? The Shelton Theater hosts the not-so-secret Secret Improv Society. One of San Francisco’s longest-running improv events is hosted by a group of local comedians every Friday and Saturday night. From time to time, we’ll have a surprise visitor. There are a number of courses offered by the Secret Improv Society that may help you hone your comedic abilities.

Good Times in the Grotto

This is a show, not a venue. This is the Sports Basement on Bryant; however, listing it as a comedy club seems strange. You can watch GTitG there on the 2nd Friday of each month, in the lower level of the Basement. Free entrance, easy access to ski equipment rentals, and, perhaps most crucially, complimentary refreshments are all strong selling points.

Comedy shows in San Francisco can treat you with a lot of laughter and joy. So book your tickets early to be a part of the most fun events. 



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