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Reasons why you should Join the Gym Today

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For some, joining a gym fits in their lifestyle as easily as taking a shower or having breakfast. However for others it can be a daunting experience for the fact that they have never done it before or are just not used to it. Well, it’s common knowledge that going to the gym and working out is good for your body and it takes care of your health but of course preparing yourself for it is the first step towards actually joining a gym near you.

Following some fitness videos at your house for a home workout or running on a treadmill in the basement might keep you active but it’s not fun and does not work as effectively as you want it to. Home workouts also do not come along with a sense of community or a motivating environment which you can find at a gym. We understand that it can seem daunting at first and we thought you might need some motivation. So, here are five good reasons to get a gym membership.

Why To Start Gym?

Well, there are a multitude of reasons as to why you should join the gym ranging from increased energy levels and improved balance to being motivated and meeting like minded people. Let’s now learn about why gym workout works the best for you.

  • It Improves Balance And Flexibility

As we grow old our health and fitness can go for a toss and if we don’t use our body then we are actually leading it towards being unfit. With age the muscles and soft tissues start shrinking and we tend to lose flexibility too. To avoid this you need to start working out and do stretching exercises so that your body is more aligned and stronger.

  • Gives You A Better Physique And Posture

Exercising regularly and back exercises at the gym will enhance your body structure and improve your posture. If you work behind a desktop everyday then you are more prone to developing chronic back pain and might give you a bad posture. Joining a gym can help you with this as exercise and strength training can actually change your body.

  • It Helps With Weight Loss Or Gain

Most people’s reason for joining a gym is to get fitter by the day and lose weight or gain muscle. If you combine a healthy, balanced diet, enough water intake with hitting the gym regularly and breaking a sweat then you can reach your ideal weight in just a matter of time. If you want to gain weight then you can increase your food intake and workout.

  • You Have Increased Energy Levels

It’s common knowledge that working out boosts energy levels and if you don’t believe us then ask your gym trainer. If you feel restless and wish you had the same energy levels as the kids in your family then let’s tell you something. You can have the energy levels of a kid only by running around and hopping like them. The best way to achieve it is through a great gym workout.

  • It Keeps You Motivated

The most important reason as to why you should register at the nearest gym is this: You might know and can list all the benefits of home workouts but it also requires a lot of commitment and motivation and with all the distractions present around ranging from delaying it and saying “I will do it after lunch.” to “I have work to do. I will do it tomorrow.” which never arrives. If you join a gym you will at least go there a few times in a week and with no other distractions you will really be committed and feel motivated to stay true to the cause.

Which Time Is Best For Gym?

Finding time to hit the gym can be hard. In between managing a job, a social life, and household chores squeezing in time for workouts even though we know they are essential can be challenging. However, when it comes to fitness our schedules need to be rearranged because our health should be our first priority. Now let’s understand what time of the day is the best for working out as per our fitness goals.

Working Out In The Morning

There are many benefits of working out in the morning. It can set the mood right for the day and you will be done with your workout even before you have actually started your day. You can start the day on a feel good note if you go to your fitness center for a morning workout session.

Working Out In The Evening

Even though there are many cons to working out in the morning, it can be challenging to find the time for it. So, if you find the time for it in the afternoon or evening, go for it. There are proven benefits of working out in the afternoon or evening. The body’s ability to function increases in the afternoon as body temperature rises throughout the day and helps the muscles in functioning.

What To Drink During A Workout In The Gym?

Surprise, it’s not just water! Proper hydration before, during and after workout is essential. And there are many different drinks that you can opt for to get optimal hydration. Some of the options are coconut water which is rich in antioxidants, tart juice to quicken muscle recovery, sports drinks like Gatorade, and protein shakes if your workout sessions are over 2 hours long.

We think by now you would be convinced to join a gym and fitness center to see the difference for yourself. Use your one pass to fitness- FITPASS to reserve a slot!



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