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Reliable Solutions for QuickBooks Error 6144 82

QuickBooks is one of the most successful applications that has created its space in the accounting and bookkeeping class of the population. But there are also several loopholes in this program. Today we will be discussing one of the issues that QB users are forced to encounter while accessing their company file – QuickBooks Error 6144 82. If your QB network is not setup as per requirements, you will most likely to fall prone to this error. Another significant contributor is a damaged QB company data file. Now, there are several ways to delete this error permanently, some of which are listed below. Have a quick read.

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What gives rise to QuickBooks Error Code 6144 82?

1. Misconfigured network settings are the major triggers behind error 6144 82.
2. Corruption in the QB component files (Network Data and Transaction Log.
3. Damage in the Windows operating system due to the invasion of a virus.

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How to Get Rid of QuickBooks Desktop Error 6144 82?

Error 6144 82 in QuickBooks can be eliminated by renaming its component files and switching the file location. Here’s how –

Solution 1 –Retitle the Network Data and Transaction Log Files in QuickBooks

  1. Go to QuickBooks Desktop and tap on the F2 key to trigger the Product Information screen.
  2. You will find the location of your company file mentioned here. Copy it on your notepad.
  3. Click on the Windows icon and paste the copied location in the search panel. Hit Enter.
  4. The folder which holds your company file will be displayed on the screen.
  5. Now, you need to locate the files that have .ND and .TLG extensions, but have the same name as your company file [(company file name.qbw.nd) (company file name.qbw.tlg)].
  6. Right-click on both of these individually and choose Rename.
  7. Add .OLD to both the file’s name [(company file name.qbw.nd.OLD) (company file name.qbw.tlg.OLD)].
  8. Reopen QuickBooks; it will recreate newer versions of these files automatically.

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Solution 2 –Access the Company File from a Different Location

  1. Move your cursor to the Windows icon at the bottom-left corner of your screen.
  2. Click on it and select File Explorer to open a new window.
  3. Now, move to the folder where your QB files have been stored.
  4. Go to your company file (company file name.qbw), right-click and Copy.
  5. Minimize the window so that you are on your desktop screen.
  6. Create a new folder named QB Test and paste the file into this folder.
  7. Launch QuickBooks Desktop and open your data file from QB Test.

It is now time to end our advisory blog on QuickBooks Error 6144 82. We are optimistic that the information discussed above could prove to be resourceful for you. But, if you are still unable to get hold of the problem, it is best to get things checked by QuickBooks Proadvisors. Speak to our pro-advisors at 855-856-0042.



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