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Roro Chan, 1999. Who is She, Her Way of Committing suicide, and everything else to Find Out about Her

Roro Chan an internet user the internet, has been making headlines across the globe because of the way she broadcasts her death online, which shocked many internet surfers around the globe stunned and displeasure because she was only 14 years old. young.

This blog we’ll be discussing the woman she was, why she was a victim of suciide, and why she took her own life, and all you, or anyone else, needs to be aware of about her.

Who is Roro Chan in 1999?

Roro Chan was a Twitter user who live streaming her suicide. The world was shocked by her act as she was only 14 when she took her own life. The reason for her death is that she streamed everything , and she wanted to make a name for herself through her actions.

It is not known much about her, as the government of Japan has decided to collect all information concerning her. This includes the videos that she posted of herself and removed from the internet due to concerned that it could trigger public anger in Japan and also inspire others young children across the world to do the same in order to get fame on the internet.

Why is Roro Chan So Famous?

Roro Chan is well-known online because of her actions and did, which was that she took her own life and live streamed the event via the internet. Another aspect that has made her famous was a trend that emerged on TikTok the platform for social networks. platform where users took advantage of her to perform actions that are extremely bizarre and can be described as “idiotic” due to the fact that it involves self-harm, smoking , and participating in actions which can result in serious injuries.

What is the Roro Chan Challenge?

Roro Chan Challenge Roro Chan Challenge is an TikTok challenge that involves people who use social networks, especially children, are easily controlled. It is a challenge that can be easily manipulated. Roro Challenge is currently considered as extremely risky because the challenge involves children harming themselves in alcohol, smoking and engaging in activities that could result in serious injuries. The contest is named for Roro Chan who was an internet user who committed suicide in 2013. The 14-year-old girl streamed her suicide online to earn the status of “hero” online.

Does Roro Chan have Facebook? Media?

It’s true, Roro Chan did have accounts on the web especially for Skype in addition to Twitter. Her Twitter account is active. She has more than thirty thousand followers on the platform and continues to be followed regularly to highlight what happened after she died and the reasons to seek assistance if you suffer with depression and anxiety.

What Caused Roro Chan commit suicide?

According to numerous internet users and preliminary research, Roro Chan committed suicide to be famous and to be known as a “legend”. She also struggled with anxiety and depression, and was constantly hurting herself.

A Reddit user also stated she was unwell with mental health issues and was always seeking fame. The user also claimed that she used her attractive appearance as an appeal to attract strangers on the internet. however, she failed to draw much attention to it and decided to go for something more dramatic. This eventually ended her life.

At some moment, she made the decision to make herself a legend and an icon. It is important to note that on certain parts on the internet, there are people who advocate suicide, especially on the dark web.

A large number of people who were aware of her plans urged her plans , and some tried to stop her but she eventually did it regardless and strapped cameras to her faces. In the evening she fell from on the roof in the apartment she was living in home and took her own life.

Parents should stop their Children from Participating in The Roro Challenge

If you find that your children are participating within this Roro challenge, you must immediately stop them because this competition requires children as well as its participants to hurt themselves by smoking, drinking, and participating in actions that could cause serious injuries.

Another feature of this contest is that it is geared at children who are young, and specifically the ones who can be easily controlled. That’s the reason why if you notice your children hurting themselves to participate during this contest, immediately stop them.

Is the video Of Her Suicide Available On The Internet?

The video of her sucide-related crime can be watched online, however it’s extremely difficult to find , and it’s very graphic. That’s why should you stumble across it you should watch it at yourself at your own risk.


We want to point out that we aren’t associated with Roro Chan, in any manner, and we do not promote suicidal ideas. The purpose of this piece is to educate Internet users about who she really is and what she did, and the reason she did it. If you’re struggling with mental health issues of any kind take assistance from a professional.

Did we miss something important regarding Roro Chan? Tell us what you think we did not know about her by commenting in the section of comments below!



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