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The Truth Behind The Google Search ‘Monkey Holding A Box’ Video

If you’ve been searching for the video of a monkey holding a box, chances are that you’ve run into this video that has caused quite the commotion across the internet. To discover what all the fuss is about, read on!

What is the original video?

The original video that started appearing on Google search late last year is now being widely considered to be a hoax. The clip, which shows a monkey holding a box of bananas, was apparently created by an advertising agency in Japan as part of a marketing campaign. Despite the truth being revealed, the video continues to appear on Google search every day.

What does it depict?

The Google Search ‘Monkey Holding A Box’ Video portrays a monkey in a laboratory holding a box that supposedly contains food. The video has generated controversy because some people believe that the monkey is being mistreated.

The video was originally uploaded to YouTube on September 17, 2009 and has since been viewed over 11 million times. In the video, the monkey is seen repeatedly opening and closing the box, presumably looking for food. Some viewers have accused Google of promoting animal cruelty by featuring the video in its search results.

Google has released a statement denying any wrongdoing. “We don’t condone animal cruelty, and if there was an issue with how this video was handled we would have removed it from our search results,” said Matt Cutts, head of Webspam at Google. “Any suggestion otherwise is inaccurate.”

In fact, according to Cutts, removing videos for violating YouTube’s policy against child exploitation can take weeks or even months due to the need for verification from third-party resources. In this case, Cutts says that because there was no child exploitation involved (the monkey is adults), it would not have taken as long to remove the video as other cases may have.

Despite the company’s assertions, some viewers are still outraged by the footage and claim that Google is promoting animal cruelty. One critic writes on Gawker: “What makes me so mad about this clip isn’t just that Google is aiding & abetting animal cruelty (though they are), but

What is the controversy surrounding it?

The Google Search “Monkey Holding A Box” video has been the source of much controversy since it was first uploaded to YouTube in May of this year. The video, which has been viewed over 2 million times, shows a monkey being held by its hand and arm while another monkey holds a box above its head. The purpose of the video is unknown, but some people have accused Google of using the monkey in order to demonstrate how well their search engine works. Others believe that the monkeys were not actually used in the filming and that the video was created simply as an elaborate prank. Regardless of its true origins, the “Monkey Holding A Box” video has sparked a debate about animal cruelty and technology.

How would you have liked this to have been done differently from the perspective of a monkey holding a box?

If you’re like most people, you probably watched the Google Search “Monkey Holding A Box” video with a mix of amusement and confusion. The video has been viewed more than 1 billion times, but nobody knows exactly how it was made.

Theories abound, but none of them have been confirmed. Some say it was faked, others that the monkey was coerced into participating, and yet others believe the monkey really did hold a box.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure: the video is bizarre and entertaining. But what’s actually happening in it?

To answer that question, we first need to understand a bit about search engine optimization (SEO). When someone types in “monkey holding a box,” their first thought might not be “SEO.” However, if you look at the first few results on Google for “monkey holding a box,” all of them are paid ads from companies who want to rank higher in search results. So how does Google determine which videos show up as the first results?

One way is by using algorithms called “search engine ranking factors.” These factors include things like how often a page is indexed (meaning it’s been found by Google’s search engines), how many links it has from other high-ranking pages, and how popular the video is relative to other videos on YouTube.

So although we can’t definitively say whether or not the monkey in the video was actually holding a box, what we


It’s no secret that the internet loves a good viral video. And it doesn’t get much more viral than this “monkey holding a box” video. The only problem? It’s completely fake. As it turns out, the entire video was created using special effects and digital editing software. So what does that mean for you? Well, if you’re looking to create an online presence with credibility and authority, be sure to check the sources of all your information before sharing them on social media.



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